Defense team organization

I’ve been reading through the different posts here asking for help with their defense teams. Many guides suggest putting your fast heroes on the wings and your average / slow healers in the flank positions.

Basically: Fast Average Slow Average Fast

So I did that using this team:

Was lucky to stay above 2400 cups after two weeks of testing.

In another post I read, someone mentioned putting fast snipers near Santa tank because his defense down lasts for three turns so the fast snipers should be next to him. Testing that theory, it was absolutely correct. I’m rarely falling below 2600 cups now and my defense is actually holding up very well.

So why are people suggesting fast heroes on the wings?

Well, there is no right answer. A common concern with slower heroes in the wings is that they don’t build up enough mana to fire - by the time they are ready, the offenders heroes are also ready to wipe them out.

One thing I see with your defense is it looks very passive. You have Kunchen, Delilah, and Aegir that are all passive. Do you have another option?

And I also wouldn’t recommend Aegir on the wing. He works well as part of a team. Putting him on the wing wastes his talent.

All that said, I timed out in a war this last week with a team that had mother north and Aegir on wings. My bigger hitters were killed and I just couldn’t bring them down. But this was also a war scenario that had other boosts to help (arrows this week).


Because most aren’t using 3 healers…

It’s more than just fast on wings

It’s fast Snipers on wings

2 reasons

1 they need less tiles to charge than average or slow

2 they’re more likely to make a bigger impact with who they hit from the wing. Less target options and due to firing after damage is dealt = more likely to kill what they hit


The team is holding up way better than any other team I’ve tried. I won’t rush to any premature judgments just yet. I’ll give it another week and see if I’m staying in the 2600 range.

No damage dealers in the middle. I wouldn’t expect that to keep diamond. It’s a tile grave. Probably only Delilahs minions saved platinum for you. But almost no trouble to counter it with 2 healers and some dmg dealers.

Now you have earlier damage from your sniping flanks, which will bring your opponents to some trouble during midbattle. If there are only healers, they just get some slashes from your center 3. Now they hurt.

I always expect the tank to hit 1st, flanks 2nd and wings 3rd, no matter which mana speed, except ultraslow flank and very fast wing.

With a healing tank you buy time to charge your flanks. If the tank will deal dmg, your flanks should have some kind of support to stay alive until the wings come in.

Best def probably just kills fast without heal or any time buyers or you try to prevent your enemies from mana charging at all.

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