Defense team how to set

Please help me set up my defense team. The current defense is practically all losers. I will be grateful for your help.
My current defense looks like this.


You should reorder them like this:

Marjana | Kageburado | Onatel | Alasie | Morgana

Onatel is a better tank than Alasie in general – more defensive stats and hits more enemies, which increases the chances of your other heroes getting a kill.


Besides, I have such heroes, so maybe something could change in this defense

Okay, knowing the rest of your roster now, you could also try something like this:

Alberich | Kageburado | Onatel | Alasie | Marjana

Basically you end up putting Alberich in for his resurrection and move Marjana to the right wing so he can shoot his skill first.


But either one of the above should be pretty good to keep you in diamond if you raid every day.


I had such defense as you wrote with alberich and onatel on the tank. Not just failures at the platinum level? That’s why I’m looking for where the problem is. Isn’t that Onatel on the tank.

Onatel isn’t an ideal tank, but she’s not bad in that spot either. And she’s the best option you have leveled too. Frankly, I can’t see many other 5*s that could do a better job than her as tank – maybe Elena, Rana, Justice or Anzogh, but you’d have to level them first, and even then it’s debatable if they’d be better than Onatel. You don’t really have a better tank candidate than her from what I’m seeing.

If you want to more consistently stay on diamond, then you’ll need to try some different things:

  1. If you have a yellow crit troop and red mana troop, consider giving them to Onatel and Marjana respectively
  2. Focus your emblems on Onatel, Alasie and Kage, as they’re part of your main center. Emblem stat buffs will beef them up
  3. Level up your troops more – time consuming and food costly, but they make a big difference too.

In general, any tank with less than 10 emblem nodes (even super-tanks like Telluria, Guinevere and Kunchen) can be defeated by a lot of players now. Once you break past the 10th node which usually boosts a certain stat by some multiplier, it gets harder for players who still rely on 4*s mostly.

At least, that’s what I noticed when I got my Mitsuko above 10 nodes (she’s equipped with a level 15 crit troop too). I can stay in diamond consistently, even though she’s ranked a “B” tank by most grading / tier lists (same grade Onatel mostly gets too).

Unless you have a wide wallet to afford rushing your troop levelling, I’d recommend taking your time with the above. Just keep the above goals in mind.


Thank you very much how with her talents? Which path should I choose?

Moreover, you write that I should give a branch for criticism for Onatel. I thought all heroes in defense should be maneuverable? And you write differently.

Personally I would take the right path since you get defense + HP. That will make her bulkier and she’ll be able to use her skill more consistently.

What I meant was to equip her with a critical 4* troop in your defense team – the exalted war constructs if you have them.

That troop boosts defense more and increases her HP too. She may not be as fast as with your mana troop, but she can take more hits with a critical chance troop.

I understand what you write but wards are not very often. and it is not easy to raise branches because there are not many of them.

What @DaveCozy said. You’re not flush with a great tank but Onetal is someone I wish I jF and not bad at that spot

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