Defense team help


I need a lot of help setting up my defense team. I have a lot of good 4* hero’s, but don’t know who to use what for. Here is what I have.

Holy- Li Xiu, Jackal
Dark- Sabina, jabbar, Cyprian, Gafar
Nature- melendor, kashhrek, little John, skittleskull
Ice- kiril
Fire- gormek, Scarlett

Everyone is either at 2 ascension or 3 expect for gafar and kashhrek and skittleskull. Them 3 is at 1 ascension.


Melendor - Li Xiu - Kiril - Cyprian - Scarlett

Melendor will clear attacker’s buff and heal your team.
Li Xiu will slow your foe’s attack, letting you more time to gain mana.
Kiril clear your defense & attack debuff replacing them with his buff. He also heal.
Cyprian will reflect back the damage taken by your tank and your damaging hero.
Scarlett should clear the board of foes weakened by Cyprian’s special, better if after Kiril’s buff.


A very nice raid defense team would be: Kiril-Gormek-Kashhrek-Li Xiu-Gafar, Kiril for both attack & defense buff and for healing of course, Gormek for defense debuff, Kashhrek to keep everybody around him alive, Li Xiu to deplete mana of attackers and finally Gafar for his high attack and awesome special.


Thank you!! I will give this a try.


If they all were leveled I would choose in this order from left to right- Melendor, Li Xiu, Jabbar, Kiril, Scarlett. Jabbar should not be underestimated as a center tank, very high defenses while putting out significant damage.

But judging by the levels of your heroes, it looks like they will also be used on attack and generally everything that you do. I would focus on leveling up a well rounded team, not just defense oriented.

The team I would level first for general play- Gafar, Melandor, Gormek, Kiril, Jackal.
Jackal & Gafar gives you fast damage, an important attribute of defense and attack teams to “snipe” out key targets.
Kiril- well rounded healer with attack+def buff. Very useful to counter enemy specials, including Titans.
Gormekk- an armor reducer, this is key to big damage on Titans and sets up your attacks to kill.
Mel- buff removal and healing. Helps against riposte and buffing heroes.

This will give you a good base that can be effective in raid attacks, defense and Titans.
I’d run this team defensively in the order of Gafar, Mel, Gormek, Kiril, Jackal.

Hopefully this gives you some good direction. Best of luck!

Syndicate of War


Thanks for the help.


I need help setting up another defense team. My new hero’s aren’t leveled yet but when they are I want to use them as my new defense team. My current defense team is Mel- Li Xui- Kiril- Jabbar- Scarlett in that order.
Dark- jabbar, sartana, cyprian, gafar, Sabina
Holy- drake fong, guardian jackal, Li xui, bane
Ice- kiril, King Arthur, sonya, Grimm
Nature- Mel, little John, skittleskull, carver
Fire- Scarlett, kelile, gormek, sir Lancelot, boldtusk


Thank you so much for this. I was into this issue and tired to tinker around to check if its possible but couldnt get it done. Now that i have seen the way you did it, thanks guys