Defense team help!

Hi all,

I’m currently using a defense team made up of (all at 70, in order):

Tibs(max), Alby(3^70), Boldtusk(max), King Arthur(3^70), Wu(max)

I’m getting beaten a lot more often than not. I’m thinking its because I only have two actual hitters in the lineup and no tiles for Wu to boost on defense. I’m looking for opinions on alternative makeups, and (fortunately!) I have a number of options to sub in.

Yellow: LiXiu, Chao, HuTao
Green: Caed, LJ
Red: Nat, Gormek
Blue: Grimm, Sonya
Purple: Sabina, Rigard

Given that this is for raid defense and I need a hitter, my thought is to replace Wu.

  • LiXiu gives me AE, more tankiness, and maintains the rainbow, but isn’t the most damage
  • Caed would give me a hard hitting debuffer and is pretty hearty
  • Grimm would give me more damage, and a second defense debuffer, but is a bit fragile
  • LJ hits all pretty hard and does his mana control thing, but also pretty fragile
  • Nat? I don’t think she’s right for CPU controlled defense, honestly…
  • I don’t think the others are worth it over these other options

This list is in order of my current thinking. Any thoughts?

There’s no reason to maintain a rainbow team for your defense team since you don’t deal with tiles.

Are all on your bench at max level as well?

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No, but I’m looking at the long game and trying to figure out who to focus on next. for reference: Li, Caed, Hu, Nat, and Rigard are in first ascension; Grimm, LJ, Sabina, Gormek, and Sonya are third ascention.

I did forget to list Guardian Jackal amongst the yellows (he’s in mid 4th ascention), but I don’t think he’s right for a defense team…

Jackal in the corner is much better than wu in the corner. by the time Wu fires, a good chunk of your team is probably dead.

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Okay, I’ll swap in Jackal in the meantime, but is he the right play in the long term over folks like Li, Caed, or Grimm?

Also, the lineup doesn’t have to stay in this organization if there’s a better suggestion.

I’m partial to a debuffer - I am using Sabina now in the corner of my diamond team. Seems to be working alright. I have Jackal in the opposite corner but am going to replace him with a 4/70 Gormek when he gets there.


I’m pretty new, so I’d like to ask about this. I’ve been routinely setting a rainbow team, thinking that other teams might load up on whatever color I duplicate. But now I have four five-stars of just two colors: Joon and Leoniadas, and Sartana and Quintus. Should I be playing all four of these?

Also, how important is it to have a healer on a defense team – or on any team, for that matter? My only leveled healers, Belith and Hawkmoon, are both 3-stars. (I’ve just drawn Rigard and Kiril, both 4-star healers, but it’ll take a while to level them.) Should I play Belith?Hawkmoon in my defense group, or just start my top five in terms of overall power?

Sabina folds like a leaf on defence teams, with Boldtusk in there’s no real need for an extra healer, so I would take Sonya over Sab for debuffing and the extra hitter.

Alby - Boldtusk - li xiu- Arthur- Sonya would be my suggestion.

Normally wouldn’t advocate two blues side by side, but Arthur has elemental defence boost, right? Li Xiu is irritatingly tanky enough to let others work away behind her. Alby should always be far left, unless that’s been debunked in some way.

Incidentally, Jackal is way better on the wing than I thought he would be. I ran a drop team of Jackal - Grimm- LX - isarnia - wu kong, thinking that they would be something of a pushover (and I like to colour co-ordinate) as I was getting out of my comfort zone for raids, but I was finding myself around 100 trophies up each morning, making it harder.

It’s also alarming how weak a defence team seems to become when Tiburtus is added in place of anyone of an equivalent level, for some reason.

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In fairness, it’s all about team composition to a large degree, Sabina would appear to be working as my defense team (Ares, Sartana, Perseus, Jackal, Sabina) seem to be winning 3/4 of the attacks. I’m not sure why, but way better than when I had Caed or Sonya in place of Sabina. I wanted a debuffer and she was the best healer with that skill in terms of defense and HP. I’d love to use rigard as well, but only so many slots you can fill :slight_smile:


Rigard on defense is kind of meh w.r.t. his cleanse since he just fires at first charge.

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It was more so for his survivability vs. Sabina/Melendor.


yah but the dispelling + much higher attack stat is better, especially if they are in the corner.

Defence teams don’t have to play from a tile board, so you don’t have to worry about ‘hero missing’ attacks that don’t cause any damage, so you can use a composition of as many/few colours as you like, but I wouldn’t recommend using less than 3 colours overall.

If you run a rainbow team, the opponent is still very likely to double up on your central ‘tank’ anyway, but with your colour composition you have a degree of power in dictating how the other person sets up their team. For instance you could have a yellow hero in the centre, and your opponent would double up their purples, but if you stick your Sartana and rigard either side of the tank you can reduce the opponents purple dark damage capability.

Don’t pay too much attention to the power stat, you need to use the other attributes to determine who to use, and you need to find a team that works well together. Belith is pretty good as a healer depending on how new you actually are, healers are important early on but hawkmoon is fairly weak even among 3* heroes. Kiril though, if you start levelling him you will use him in nearly every aspect of the game for a long time.
5* heroes take a looooong time to ascend to a level where they’re more useful than 4* heroes, as such I wouldn’t invest time and materials in Quintus unless you run out of heroes to level, but you could do a lot worse than using Joon & Leo, and Rigard & Sartana in the same team, depending on who else you have. Ideally you need a defence debuffer in there though. Joon, Sartana, Kiril, any of Gormek/Grimm/Tiburtus if you can get them, and Leo would be a decent team to work with


I see you’re not a big fan of Tibs on defense, which I can understand, but it seems like it’d be smart to have a purple in the lineup to hinder those who double up to kill Li quickly.

Do you still think Sonya even though I’ve got Caed to level up? she’s a bit tougher, so maybe that works on Defense.

Lastly, If I use Grimm instead of Li, I could end up with:
Alby - Grimm - Boldtusk - King Arthur - Caed/Sonya

Thanks for this very helpful reply. I hadn’t thought of flanking the “tank” with two characters of the opposite color. The tank goes in the middle slot? So you might have Leo flanked by Rigard and Sartana, say?

Also, I do have Grimm, though he’s one star away from fully-ascended. I’ve experimented running him in the middle with Sartana, Leo, Quintus, and Joon alternating with Kelile (who is more leveled than Joon). I probably should start a new thread listing all my heroes and levels, but in the meantime your advice has already been very helpful.

Grimm is not a good tank card - he has very low defense rating for a 4 star. Rigard and Kiril will both tank better than Grimm

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Ah, I didn’t realize that, Dante. Thanks!

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Grimm can fool you into thinking he is a tank, because his decent HP works well against DOT like Colen’s, but his low Defense means single target special skills like Leggylass ( that green 5* ) can take him down quick.

I believe Grimm is in the ‘glass canon’ class of card :slight_smile:

I just pulled Horghall from an epic hero token, so am now reevaluating. I’ve got my Li up to 3^30, and will finish her off first, but maybe a lineup like:

Alby - Boldtusk - Horghall - LiXiu - Sonya

Might be worth exploring? I can only get Horg to 3^70 at the moment (going to ascend Alby first). I was thinking that King A would be better on offense, where I can choose the target, and it would be better to have Sonya as a debuffer on the Defense team.

Sound good?

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