Defense team brazilian player

please I need help for my defense team…
I brazilian…sorry for the english…questions about team order …another hero now or later ascension full…thanks friends…

I would suggest the following order left to right n defense for the time being:
sabina, gregorian, gravemaker, drake fong, richard

I would focus my leveling up on finishing gravemaker then greg then drake then richard

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i think this would be best once everyone is leveled but as they stand now i think richard would get pummeled.

Thanks a lot…I not asc Richard max 3-70…and I have Magni e Misandra…the better ?..for the place richard …
More letter Sartana in Sabina?..

Thanks a lot…the finish team of my dreams…

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Another question friend…for defense team troop mana is better?..

Another question…for defense team troop mana is better?

@Branda mana troop is generally better but Id give to Richard a crit troop as it will raise his (already good) defense greatly and his poor health. He need badly that health.

For the others mana troop without a doubt.

Thanks a lot my friend