Defense team help needed

What is my best defense team at the moment, and who in my roster should I level up to make it better? I’m thinking of leveling Sabina to replace Ameonna.

Your defense team is already heavy with healers, you don’t need a third one. If you level Tiburtus instead of Sabina, then you get another damage dealer and a versatile hero with defense debuff you can use on titans, raid and war also.

Please consider not putting more emblems on 3* heroes, you’ll really need them on 4* and 5* heroes later in the game.

I used those symbols before I had anyone better to use them on, definitely not using them on my 3 stars from now.

I had thought 3 healers would be good, as I’ve certainly always struggled with teams who have 2 or more.

Several healers make the battle longer but don’t make the defence win. Check out top players defense teams for inspiration.

If you would replace Ameona with Sabina, I would hit the two healers on the right flank and wing with tiles until all my specials are filled (they don’t do any damage, just keep healing the healthy team), then use the specials to make enough space for ghosting.

You’re probably just struggling because you don’t have many hard hitters.

Level Tibs instead of ghost girl.

Eventually you’ll want sabina levelled, but for now tibs is your best bet, or possibly Cyprian as tank.

Or you could use Scarlett instead of BT, she hits hard.

KIRIL, Onatel, Cyprian, Scarlett, Little John. From left to right. Would be hard to beat at your level.

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