Defense team dilemma

Hi, as some background, I’m a fairly casual and totally f2p player, but over time have managed to build up a reasonable defense team, currently it is:

Nashgar Melendor Kiril Danzaburo Khiona

I like Nash in general because of his fast mana, but as the only 3* in the team hes a bit of a weak point stats-wise. So I was pleased when I recently summoned Boldtusk (my first red 4*) but it’s left me with a bit of a dilemma team wise. I don’t want to just swap BT in without changing anything else because 3 healers seems pointless (and only leaves one guaranteed big hitter).

With the heroes I’m still levelling on my bench my choices are: Swap BT in and switch Mel for Caedmon, or:
Swap BT in and switch Kiril for Sonya.

Leaning heavily towards the first option as I prefer Kiril to Mel generally and it’s a straight debuff for debuff switch (rather than 2 debuffs which again seems pointless). Downsides are that neither BT or Kiril heal as much as Mel, also they might be too similar?

So yeah, likely to go for the first option but thought I’d see what some more seasoned players think? :slight_smile:

I would go with Boldtusk and Caedmon


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