Defense team blues?

Should I keep carver or replace by Sonya for defence team?
Having 3 blue heroes is it strategically sound?

Well you could be leveling Melendor if you want another color than blue:

  • Heals 42% Health for ALL allies
  • Removes buffs from all enemies*
  • Nice tile attack

*Like Ares’ or Alby’s.

The problem with three blues early in the game is you only have so many ascension items to spread between them. Btw, what other 4* do you have?

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hat’s the only 1 I have…been playing for 2 months

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Just a thing: why Dawa?


Y not? I don’t have any other yellow…except bane! Should I be swapping?

Bane >>> Dawa
He has stronger attack and blinds the enemies. Low level heroes breath easier when the enemy miss his shot


Thanks shall replace dawa then

As Rook said, make Melendor your priority! Your team is already getting shape, Grimm is at a good stage, probably waiting for capes right? Don’t forget to give HIM the capes before Arthur. You will use a full Grimm a lot (I use him for everything even now with 14 5*). You can make your team with Bane - Hawkmoon - Gunnar (or Arthur, whichever has better def stats now) - melendor - Grimm
You can swap Bane and Grimm at corners and leave the healers next to the tank.
If Gunnar has almost same def stats than Arthur now go with him. Spirit link will help you a lot on early game.
With Melendor leveled your next priority will be red!

Grimm…Arthur and Sonya all waiting for capes…Grimm is already at it’s max special skill…gunnars defends is 533 and Arthur 514…

Keep Gunnar as your tank. He splits damage to all allies and helps you survive.
And go on with Melendor until max possible. Mel and Grimm are great heroes and you can ascend both as soon as you have the capes and shields. After Mel I told you to focus on red but I forgot purple. Renfeld and Oberon are not good heroes. As you already have Hawkmoon I would go after a good purple when you finish Melendor. Purple 4* are great heroes, you won’t have a bad choice. Next time you put gems together wait for purple elemental summons and good luck

Thanks will do just that!

Tyrum is a better defender than either of the other 2 purples or dawa or hawkmoon…fast mana + dispel makes him a better raider than any of your other purples too.

@Dante2377 so I should concentrate on tyrum instead of oberon?

At this point oberon is almost maxed so finish him to 50. He and renfeld are better for titans because of their much higher attack stat value, but Tyrum is a much better raid as he’s fast mana, hits harder, and dispels. Oberon’s weak AOE + poison isn’t very good on raids.

Yeah but oberon special skill is not improving at all… it’s at 4 actually

Honestly, it’s so weak at 8/8 I would worry about it in the slightest.

EDIT: you’re going to use Tyrum on raids, his special will matter. The other 2 are only really important for their attack stat.

If you really want to level your 3s and get their special up, try only feeding them 1 star heroes including all 5 colors. I’ve never had a problem getting to 8/8 doing it that way.

Great news…I’ve just got Rigard from tc13

Congrats! He may be the best 4* healer of the game, as he is the only one that heals and cures your entire team from bad status!! The only downside is you are getting full of healers! But Grimm Melendor and Rigard already make a great team! Work on them and keep with the good luck

thank you…Been really lucky…if i keep rigard on the team…I shall put Arthur also instead of gunnar

Yeah, could be! You would get a better hitter and one more to damage the enemy. But don’t underestimate Gunnar special, he is life saving on the beginning