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Any ideas?? Also, I’m 1 ascension item away from Magni or Richard being ascended. Who should I do?

Any help is appreciated.


It’s below my premium status to move it


Ascend magni

Melendor magni marjana quintus joon

Probly how i would go for now


Thanks! I don’t have to use just that top row. Would subbing out Melandor for Lianna and Magni for Kiril be any good?

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Probably your best bet right now. FWIW Marjana is also my tank and I open chests in diamond.

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If you’re going to sub out mel, i would sub out for caed

If you’re going to sub out magni, then yes kiril would be my choice

Wouldnt put magni in until he hits 80 and same with lianna or any other 5*

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Especially snipers, they NEED to be at 80 to be effective.

I’d stay with Mel myself, he heals more and has the debuff which is handy against riposters. A lot of players use riposte in attack.

Caedmon, kiril, Marjana, joon, Quintus.
×First Caedmon because it removes buffs from enemies.
×Then kiril because it will heal and boost the attack of your heroes.
×In the center of Marjana because even if it is not a tank, it could hurt quite badly with its damage per turn.
×Later joon, his infliction of lack of precision could potentially save your life.
×And at the end Quintus, because it will risk cleaning if it trips. On the other hand, Quintus is quite slow, it is risky to integrate it into your team.


For tank, Richard over magni or marj no question…
But Magni will make an awesome flank right into endgame, there are better tanks than Richard that you may get later (including Justice, if you’re F2P and relying on TC20).

Do Magni.

I wouldn’t put slows in the wings unless it’s MN or Alby.

For me:
Mel (remove any buffs and/or riposte)
Quintus (slow can’t be rear)
Magni (for now - atleast if he fires he becomes harder and gives Quintus a better longevity to fire, he’s not really a tank but he’ll work for now and he’ll do everything else in the game, and his special will really help your flanks)
Marj (if they stack to knock magni, they’re weak on her)
Joon (blind).

Mel, Quintus, Magni, Marj, Joon.

Caed Vs Mel depends on what you’re facing, but I think you want a healer in there…

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