Defense Team Assistance!

Loving the advice I get on this forum, so I thought I’d post another question to get the input of this community.

I have the following 5* heroes, and have enough ascension materials to max one of each color (I already have Athena and Gravemaker at final ascension, and just a few levels away from being fully maxed and emblemed).

womp womp…none.
4* Options (Maxed): Rigard+9, Proteus+1, Merlin+1
I can also fully ascend Tiburtus, Cheshire, Sabina, Ameonna or Cyprian


Alberich and Horghall

Athena, Richard, Ariel

Gravemaker, Red Hood, Ares, Grazul

So, ultimately, what would my best rainbow defense team be out of this combination of heroes?

My initial thought is:


I like your line up you suggested with Rigard instead of Proteus.

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Ascend Sabina, then the Cheshire Cat and Tiburtus.

I’d go for Alby-Athena-GM-Proteus-Leo. GM is a better tank than Leo. Also, Proteus should fire earlier in the battle.