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Im actually making one of these threads?!

Yes, yes I am :stuck_out_tongue:

Which of these teams makes a better defense team? (For wars more than raids. I’m more concerned with war defense versus raid defense. I know there mostly the same but yeah)

Alby - magni - justice - Zimkitha - Sartana


Alby - magni - justice - Victor - Zimkitha

I’m thinking the top team there.

The other question is: is justice a worthwhile tank? I’ve got mats to go to 4/80, but I’m wondering if I should go 3/70 and hold out for a better tank… I don’t have any other 5* tanks on my roster currently. And I’ve stopped my TC20 for a while to help with leveling the 5* I do have.

I do have a 4/70 Boldtusk. Am I better off leaving her on my team than any of the above heroes? I also have a Jabbar that I think would be an interesting Tank :stuck_out_tongue:

(I kept getting Blue 5* from the TC20 but since I ascended magni already can’t consider Richard at tank…)

The only other option I see on my roster currently is Li Xui

So anyway :slight_smile: thank you for your opinions. I’m hoping someone, anyone, will say Vic would be a good choice lol. I want to ascend him just got this strong feeling he won’t do much for me :stuck_out_tongue:

I like Sartana better than Victor on defense. Yes Justice is a good tank. Your war defense should be flexible. It’s best when the entire alliance picks a color and everyone uses same color tank.

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I took justice to 3/70 and as my first 5 star yellow was tempted to take her to 4, but didn’t. Got Drake and brought him all the way to 4/80. Have the mats to do justice, but I think I’ll wait for another 5 star yellow. I still can’t justify using the mats for Justice.

On the positive side, she is a very reasonable tank with good tanky stats and a special that messes with the opponents entire team, making them less effective. On the not so great side, people can just bring in someone who can clean ailments and with Justices slow mana there is a high likelihood that the cleaner will be juiced and ready when Justice fires.

Yeah… man. I’m torn. I’ve had awful luck drawing yellow for some reason. Maybe that just means I’m due :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I’ll get her to 3/70 and then see how I’m feeling… I might wait. Justice is one of my least favorite heroes really hah :stuck_out_tongue: just seems to fit my current ‘needs’ so well.

Having the + offense and + defense from Zim / Vic not as worthwhile as having a second hammer on the team, huh? I felt like Vic gives me a little bit more in the way of versatility and survivability compared to Sartana. Just ya know no damage :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahhh nuts. I mean. I know you’re right. Vic doesn’t hit hard enough.

Yeah maybe this is a discussion we need to have again. I’ll take this back to the group and see if they wanna look into it.

I’ve felt pretty strongly that fielding your best team is worth more than the ‘gimmick’ of us all fielding the same color. But it’s worth a discussion at any rate.

Thank you both for the feedback.

Here is the secret to getting a better 5 star yellow. Wait until the next yellow HoTM, level Justice to 4 and poof you will get the yellow killer HoTM on your first three pulls :wink:

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It’s not a gimmick. If everyone uses same color tank your opponents will quickly exhaust their ability to color stack effectively vs your alliance.

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Running the same color tank for war is a very effective strategy. You make your opponent run out of the necessary color faster (if they stack, which most do), and by that second round, they’ll usually be out and SOL [unless they’re prepared]. I would highly recommend it, but it’s definitely up to you and your alliance.

Anyway, regarding defense, with the heroes you’ve listed I would make this my defense team:


Or the first defense you listed.

Victor and Magni’s defense buffs would clash, and overall I like Sartana more for a defensive sniper [than Victor] since she hits harder, so that’s why I would leave Vic out. Alberich always needs to be in the far left corner, and Justice needs to be your tank (out of those options). Personally, I think Zimkitha should be on the left in order for all of you attackers to benefit from her attack buff, especially if they’re set to go off during the same turn. I see why you want Magni on the left though, in order to protect Alby. I spose that could work too, but I’d almost rather the attack buff go to all of your attackers instead. Totally up to you, both would work. I wouldn’t put Zim in the wings though; you’ll want her to go off enough to get that buff and cleanse off a few times when possible. Sartana makes a much better wing hero. Plus, I like running full rainbow, so doing Sartana and Victor together wouldn’t work either [in my book].

Now, Justice is good, but not good enough to justify spending hard-earned 4* mats on her. She can stay at 70 for eternity, or after you already have a few other yellow 5* full ascended. I’d wait and hope to pull Inari and/or Delilah from Atlantis when they show up again, or Joon and/or Viv from TC20/pulls, or even wait til the next HOTM is yellow again. Those mats are too hard to obtain to spend on Justice; as good of a tank she is, she’s not worthy of them (in my personal opinion). Also, Avalon will be here soon; maybe you’ll pull Guinevere, and then she can be your tank. Although, I wouldn’t suggest ascending Guin if it’s your first 5* yellow; defense is about all she’s good for.

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Thanks for the explanation on the advantageous of same color tank in wars.

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Color stacking against the tank is a very common, and generally effective strategy.

Because of the game’s attack formula, you receive increasing returns compared to the loss when doubling up on a color. These returns are extra noteworthy when they’re STRONG matchup (red vs green for example.)

If the entire alliance runs Green tank, then the enemy wants to ideally run 2-3 red heroes against each of your teams… which quickly isn’t possible.

The reason I say it’s a gimmick is because doubling up against the tank, while generally effective, afaik isn’t a hard and fast kinda rule. But maybe that’s my newbyness lol :stuck_out_tongue: generally I think you can double up with any non weak color and have success if your team is strong enough.

So for our alliance, we chose Red for a bit and we had Guys putting in 3/60 Kelile because that was their strongest red :stuck_out_tongue: which seemed like. Yikes. Yeah let’s get kashrek in there for you even if it means you don’t match our red thing.

BUT maybe as a team we can make a goal for everyone to develop a good hero of a certain color. That would maybe be worthwhile

Awesome!! Very cool insight and write up!! Very appreciated.

Never thought about alby going in back left. Makes sense now that I’m thinking about it :slight_smile:

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