Defense suggestion?

Hi all,
I am looking for advice on defense setup.

Should I leave it as is - Grimm(def down) Melendor C(def up) Clarissa Boldtusk(Attack up) Joon - thats’ my current set up.

Or move to below alternative as I have telescope ready to ascend 1 Blue Ariel/Magni.

  1. Caedmon boldtusk Clarissa Joon Ariel
  2. Magni Melendor C Clarissa Boldtusk Joon
  3. Any other options, below my hero rosters.

What about Caedmon-Grimm-Boldtusk-Clarissa-Joon for now?

Once you have Clarissa and Magni maxed and emblemed, you could run:

I agree. Gandolf is what jumped out to me. And two healers. I’d swap him out.

Thank you both, I will bring Caedmon for Melendor!
Seems Magni get telescope then.

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