Defense suggestion and future projects ideas

Hi everyone,

I’m there to ask some question about the best defese lineup with my current heroes.

Right now my defense is:
Hansel+11, Kiril+6, Boldtusk+9; Tiburtus+4; Joon 4.58

My other heroes are:

  • Dark: Proteus+3, Kunchen 3.64, Obakan 2.60, Merlin 3.19, Seshat 1.1, Ringard 1.1, Cyprian 1.1., Sabina 1.1, 2nd Proteus 1.1 and Quintus 1.7

  • Yellow: Jackal+9, Wu Kong+6; Li Xiu 3.60, Danzaburo 1.1, Chao 1.1., Hu Tao 1.1

  • Blue: Sonja+6, Grimm 4.66, Triton 3.60, Boril 3.60, 2nd Kiril 1.1, Richard 1.1, Captain of Diamond 1.7 and 2nd Triton 1.1

  • Green: Melendor+8, Kashreek 3.60, Skittleskull 3.60, Cademon 3.50, 2nd Hansel 1.1, 2nd Caedemon 1.1, Little John 1.1 and 2nd Melendor 1.1

  • Red: Gormek+6, Mitsuko 3.70, Colen 3.60, Sumitomo 3.60, 2nd Colen 1.1, 2nd Gormek 1.1 and Scarlett 1.1

have someone some ideas to get my defense stroger with these heroes that I have maxed or near to max?

Then question about future project with unleveled heroes:

  • Dark (AM: 6 tabards, 0 trap tools): I was thinking to wait for trap tools to take Kunchen in final ascension, but just got Seshat don’t know if take them both to 3.70 before deciding, suggestion?

  • Yellow (AM: 2 Darts, 3 Orbs): I don’t really know what to do after Joon is maxed. Max Li Xiu or start upgrading some of the three to 3.60 while waiting some heroes to drop.

  • Blue (2 Telescope, 8 Capes): I was thinking to max my first Triton and then proceed to take Richard to 3.70. ideas?

  • Green (2 tonics, 8 shield): I’ll max my first Caedemon and then was thinkking about take Little John to 3.60 while waiting some other hero to drop. Someone have different ideas?

  • Red (3 rings, 7 hidden Blades): My plan is to wait for the rings to max Mitsuko and dureing the same time use red feeders for helping out others colours like Yellow (max Joon) or Dark (Seshat 2.60/3.70 depending from my dark strategy). Would you max Colen or Sumitomo or maybe take scarlett at leas at 3.60?

What project would you follow per each color?

It seems i’ve written a lot! Thanks everyone for your help!

Dark: Kunchen first and then Seshat
Yellow: Joon and Chao
Blue: Richard and Triton
Green: you already have the best ones leveled (Hansel, Caedmon, Melendor), Skittleskull could help on class trials
Red: Mitsuko and Scarlett

Level one 5* and four 4* at a time to not use too many resources, rainbow training.

Your best defense could be:
Melendor - Richard - Kunchen - Mitsuko - Joon

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