Defense setup and emblems

What do you guys think of remove Rigard emblems in favor of Hansel?

And should I focus on Vela or Thorne? (I have mats for both, but who should I focus first for my defense?)

Base on my roster:

Because of the family bonus I thought:


Not much. Hans is good, Rigs is better. Hans is a pure attacker. Squishy on def and doesn’t work well when played by the ai.

Caed Panther Li Rigs Vela
for now and later maybe
Panther Isa Puss Vela Sarta

You don’t have a cool 5* tank.

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Yeah, this is why I completely lost with the new 5* that I have.

If I pull something in February this might change.
I have the mats for 2 5* of each color.

Keep Rigard at +19 and start giving new Cleric emblems to Hansel…

Even Grimforest Family could give u a defense and attack bonus I think you can have more solid defense using your emblemed Caedmon and Li Xiu… I am a huge fan of Panther, elemental def down is probably the most useful skill in the game, imho, but think Panther is more suitable for offense purposes mainly when stacking purple… Think Sartana could be more suitable for defense…

Certainly you do not have a solid *5 tank rigth now, Thorne could be the closest but it is understandable you want to wait before give him some mats., considering also you have Vela that could be a pretty useful flank… So i prioritize Vela…

You have highly emblemed some of your *4 that could help you to perform ok while waiting for some *5 nice options… So I would consider the following setup

Caedmom Rigard Li Xiu Panther Puss

Once you have maxed Vela & Sartana I would go

Caedmon Puss Li Xiu Vela Sartana

Of course in case you get new *5 (mainly yellow or green) you need to consider new possible setups


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