Defense: Sartana, Jabberwock, or Both?

My current raid defense (TP 4179), left to right is

Lianna +9
Elena +3
Frida +6
Vivica +4
Sartana +3

Jabberwock is going to be maxed soon and so I’ll have a decision to make:

  1. Leave the defense unchanged
  2. Replace Sartana with Jabberwock
  3. Use them together on both wings (i.e. Sartana-Vivica-Frida-Lianna-Jabberwock)
  4. Use them together at flanks (i.e. Lianna-Sartana-Vivica-Jabberwock-Natalya) Natalya is maxed, no emblems.

Consideration: I’m not maximizing Elena or Frida if I move either out of the Tank/Flank position.

Thoughts? Recommendations? Thank you in advance.


  • Elena is flimsy, I’m very pleased to see her on defence (easy kill).
  • running Frida without another blue is sort of wasteful, I don’t rate her as a solo blue hero.

You have no obvious tanks there… Vivica can do the job “okay” - if she fires, it definitely flips in your favour.
I like flanks that counter an expected stack - if an enemy brings purple stack to beat up Vivica, they’ll have a harder getting through Sartana and Jabber, so your thinking there is good… Natalya on right wing does okay, but you wouldn’t want to put her anywhere else, which leaves lianna left wing… Which is the lineup you suggested already - in your position, I’d try that and see how it holds up!

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Elena is flimsy but with talents she can revive, and counter-attack stance is good for the center too.

Vivica is also somewhat frail, the heal + def boost somewhat offsets that but she’s not really threatening either. Elena at least is threatening when she goes off.

She’s far from my first choice for a tank, but in your case I think Elena makes the most sense to tank with.

I’d go with this:

Lianna | Frida | Elena | Vivica | Jabberwocky


I like your 2nd & 3rd options.
Try it out - nothing to lose.

Viv tank isn’t that good and a waist of health. As slow flank she is okay imo. Frida is a tough tank. I often lost against her when she was tank and the only blue.


Jabberwock is your best tank and arguably your best defense hero overall. Hell yeah you use him.

Frida, Vivica and Elena are all mediocre on defense IMO (unless you have Vivica costume). Natalya as a fast speed would be better imo.

Lianna-Natalya-Jabberock-Vivica-Sartana maybe?

Tough call.


Natalya should always be on the right - no snipers to her right (last thing you want is her DoT landing on someone who dies the same turn from one of your snipers).


@BubblesUK my red 5* choices are Elena and Natalya. Yellow? I have only one: Vivica.

Frida became the tank because of her Paladin talent adding to her already high defense.

I don’t like Natalya for defense either, but she’s sturdier than Elena. In war I often go with my +19 Boldtusk for defense.

Thank you for the help!

@DaveCozy thank you and I may try Elena at tank for a while too. She’s not emblemed up as much as I would prefer quite yet.

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@DaveSonnenberg Jabberwock as tank? Never considered it but I put a high value on your advice.

Miss you, old friend. If you ever want a little break, come and play with me again.


I totally missed that you have Natalya actually, so I give a :+1: to other Dave for his suggestion :grin:

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I agree Vivica isn’t a great tank…
But nor is Elena - even with revive, she’s more often than not dead without firing.

Viv is atleast more likely to fire and so IMHO a better stalling tactic (plus running yellow with purple flanks sets a dilemma - either stack for the tank and be ineffective against flanks, or stack for flanks and tank more likely to go off… Or stack neutral and cross fingers).

Frida is sturdy for sure, but I just don’t fear her going off unless there’s another blue to take advantage of the debuff… But we’re talking tanks as a stalling tactic here, so maybe being the sturdiest is worth noting for its own sake this time?


@BubblesUK my love for Frida stems from the fact that she hits three enemies equally (as opposed to Grimm/Gormek/Tibertus) and dispels their buffs. But yes, so many choices. Didn’t even tell you about my Isarnia. If only I had a green tank besides Kashhrek.

Is Isarnia maxed? :stuck_out_tongue:

With emblems. She was my tank before Frida.

I’d be half tempted to run them flanks - Frida left, Isarnia right (if either hits with the others debuff up it’s trouble).

But then you need a tank that can stall things (a Kunch, guin or BK type) which at the moment you don’t have, unless there’s other hero’s you haven’t mentioned? :stuck_out_tongue:

My maxed 5*

Frida +6
Isarnia +3
Lianna +9
Vivica +4
Domitia +2
Elena +3

Jabberwock is at 4-22 currently.

Other possible tanks:

Boldtusk +19
Kiril +7
Li Xiu +9

ETA: Buddy +3

Ultimately it’s going to take trying a few and see what holds best…

I’d be tempted to :
Sartans, Frida, Lianna*, Isarnia, Natalya
*Or even Horg, if you had a lot of spare emblems, I don’t see any druids hogging lots?

It’s not perfect and Lianna definitely isn’t a tank… But you set up a dilemma - does an attacker come at you with reds to wipe Lianna (knowing it hurts if she fires), or bring greens for flanks and cross their fingers on Lianna?
It’s risky going without a healer… But when your only 5* healer is slow mana, placement is critical (wings are simply not an option).

It’s up to you, but without an obvious tank it may take a little experimentation to crack it…

Ok here’s the next iteration, left to right:

Boldtusk +19
Frida +6
Buddy +3
Isarnia +3

TP drops from 4179 to 3991. I can add more emblems to Buddy.

Ehhh then he’d insanely weak to Mitsuko and green stacks. I think it weakens the defense too much.

It might work… But even with a lot of emblems, Buddy wouldn’t be my choice for staying in diamond - that said, we’re talking stalling tactics so maybe it’d work (the other problem is those emblems could be on Lianna).

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