Defense - rainbow vs other

Hey all - are there any disadvantages of not using a rainbow defense outside of giving the opponent the opportunity to stack against a particular color? IE…does mana, etc regen at the same rate for the defense regardless of color? On the flip side are there any advantages of NOT doing a rainbow? My alliance has had a lot of back and forth re the advantage of using 2 off color/strong flanks (example yellow tank and 2 purple flanks).

Even though I don’t know the exact numbers on how mana charges for defense teams, I do know that mana regenerates over time for all heroes on defense.

Color doesn’t affect mana regeneration. Skill speed does though, also if they get hit with tiles they gain a small amount of mana per hit (speed also affects how much mana they gain).

Personally I don’t think rainbow defense is mandatory all the time, I use 2 red heroes on my defense team, 1 blue 1 green and 1 purple, because I don’t really have any yellow heroes that are suited for defense ready. As long as they’re not right beside each other so their weakness isn’t focused on one spot, I think you’re good


If I double up heros on defense, it’s typically yellow or purple. Only because if they stack the opposite color, I’m strong against them too. I normally use my Rigard and Cyperian on D.

The question for me is not which color do I double, but which one is taken out. In the case of yellow and purple it is uncritical with others you give the opponent an advantage. In my personal opinion.

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