Defense optimization

My current defense is (left to right):
Guardian Hippo

I am considering swapping out Archie and Hachiko, but can’t decide. For Archie, is there more value from Green Knight? For Hachiko, is Anne or Constance perhaps a better fit?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

i’d probly leave archie alone and replace hachiko with constance

preferably put constance beside aramis, wing archie

i think…

Just to understand…why flip Archie to wing?

cause you’re tanking with purple so i’d flank a yellow plus the sooner constance dodge goes off, the better

Is it her dodge, her higher power level, or speed that makes her more valuable than Hachiko and his reflect/increased crit?

all the above pretty much but mainly the dodge, speed, and she still hits all. plus same family as aramis so family bonus as well