Defense/Offense teams

I only don’t raid regularly because my heroes are t maxed just yet and I lose more than I win unless I waste ham to reroll repeatedly. So I decided to wait until my team has maximum strength before I go picking fights lol

You’ll certainly get better at raiding as you level heroes more, but practice can improve your win rate significantly, even without rerolling or maxed heroes.

Not Raiding just means you’re not using your flags. If you were to try Raiding, without rerolling, the worst case is you waste a flag — which you’re already doing.

There’s also really no endpoint to leveling heroes. Having a single maxed team (or two, or three) won’t make you hugely successful at Raiding. You need to adjust your attack team based on the Defense to be most effective, and you need to practice your tile play and strategy.

So I’d encourage you to think of Raiding as a process, not an end result — otherwise you probably won’t feel ready to try for another year. :slight_smile:


But when I lose they take my trophies and that’s my fear losing too many trophies

I agree with though that is a very valid point. So when you say attack team based on the defense…

When do I use an offense team vs when I use a defense team??

I understand that a defense team protects the health more than does damage, vs an attack team attacks the opponent more than it protects from damage correct? So would titan be a defense team vs raids be offense team? In missions and alliance wars do I use a defense or offense team?

Don’t worry too much about your trophies. Let’s say your defense team is about strong enough to keep you around 800 trophies… It’s kind of like a rubber band- get more trophies and you will quickly lose them as you are raided. The opposite is also true - if you lose some raids, after a little bit your defense team will pull you back up to around your resting 800 trophies. Usually when I wake up in the morning I’m back to my typical trophies.

As far as actual raid strategy, you want rainbow (one hero of each color). The hero with the most defense and health should be in the center (this is an over simplistic explanation, but fine for early in the game). Also keep in mind that a dumb computer is playing your defense team and it does so from left to right. So if you have a hero that boosts your attack or reduces their defense, put them on the left. That way that special goes off first and the following specials can reap the benefits.

For attack, if you have multiple of the same colors, “stack” them against the center hero you are raiding (called the tank). So if they have a green hero in the center, you want multiple reds because tiles in 3 out of 7 columns will hit this hero. As soon as you kill the tank, you try to “drop” tiles where the hero was. This does 2 things. One: you won’t charge their special up for them with tiles. Two: you get double mana when your tiles don’t hit a hero. This same technique also works very well for the main missions.

Stacking requires multiple of the same heroes, and also takes some getting used to but once you master it, raids become so much more fun. Several months ago I was stuck at 800 trophies when I discovered stacking. In one night I gained over 500 trophies and never looked back…


Hello, regarding about usage of teams feature. I’m using like this:

Team 1:
for defense Raid, rarely changed.

Team 2:
for farming, Map, and Quest.

Team 3:
for ofense Raid with 3-green heroes, so this is for opponent with blue-tank.
(green stronger then blue)

Team 4:
for ofense Raid with 4-purple heroes, so this is for opponent with yellow-tank.
(purple stronger then yellow)

Team 5:
for Titan (always standby Wilbur on the left and Wu Kong on the right wing). And 3 in the middle is strong color heroes againts Titan color. But some times changed if Titan is Rare reflect red or yellow.

Now, Team 3 and Team 4 some times changed with strong yellow, red and blue. For eficiency I think I should buy 3 more extra teams for this cases, but maybe later.

Notes: those are not always static, sometimes I changed one into other hero to match best use facing some opponent skill, like example we should bring 1-2 displeller because opponent use riposte, and so on.

Alliance wars not using teams at all, we pick from all available heroes which is not used yet in the current running war, these applied in offense and defense, so they do not effect any of our current teams formation.

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@jinbatsu @zephyr1 @mediocracy great feedback! This explains things a lot better. So currently my best teams (strongest heroes) are my main team which consists of (in order with their levels) Boldtusk 4/28, Joon 3/5, Seshat 3/22, Lianna 3/1 and Isarnia 3/56 and then my second team is Boldtusk 4/28, Grimm 4/19, Cyprian 4/19, Caedmon 4/23 and Li Xu 4/28.

Those are my two strongest teams. I’m maxing the 4 star heroes then will resume leveling the 5 star.

Then I have next in line Wilbur 3/34, Kiril 2/32, Hansel 3/36, Proteus 2/44, Wu Kong 1/35 plus Melendor 3/52 and Rigard 1/1 to level up. I also currently have Mitsuko at 3/42 and Kage at 2/60, which I sometimes swap in and out on the 5 star team when using them.

So of these heroes mentioned if all the 4 stars were maxed and the 5 stars all at 3/70, what two teams would you create out of them to use and for what type of battles?


You should not use teams always rainbow. Basically for defense raid best is using rainbow.
But for offense I always use stack color 3-1-1, or 3-2 or 4-1 or 5-0, so example for 3 green, 1red (because heal+att) and 1purple (because mana control), so just like my post above team 3 (with 3 green heroes). This is just an example.
So for your case, maybe like this for offense:

Opponent tank is yellow, so we bring:
Kage, Proteus, Rigard, Caedmon, Hansel.

Opponent tank is blue, so we bring:
Melendor, Caedmon, Hansel, Proteus, Kiril/Boldtusk

IMO, I suggest build 2-3 rainbow teams *4 maxed, before starting *5 heroes, because *4 4.70 is stronger then *5 3.70 (with the same resource mats). So while waiting resources, we already have strong base *4 heroes to get resource from farming Atlantis, Event challange (*4 heroes can used for both Epic and Legendary limit), Season, Titan, Raid.

Notes: IMO, this is only my suggestion, you actually should not ascend Lianna over Melendor, and also not ascend Isarnia over Kiril. Kiril and Melendor help alot for our tools support.
And also you should ascend Proteus and Rigard 1st over Sehsat.


Okay. I agree now that I’m learning rainbow isn’t always good lol, but I do want to have at least one rainbow team that I can use esp when an apponent is using a rainbow team which I do get at least 40 percent of the time.

I love the examples you have about matching stacking teams against different color heroes so I’m gonna try that.

For my one rainbow team though, who would you pick out of the heroes I have if they were all properly leveled? The 4 star heroes that is.

I’m gonna follow this advice because the truth is it takes way too long to max 5 star heroes, i’d Rather go far with maxed 4 star heroes before I get to finishing off the 5 stars. And I’m not super far away I feel like my levels of ascension thus far are pretty decent, I’ve been playing less than 6 months and this is why I have so many questions because I realized I probably wasn’t doing things right initially. So glad I discovered this forum

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Yes, rainbow is for leveling project plan, so for long-term, I suggest leveling with on-color. So at the same times we level 5x heroes, like red feeder to our red heroes to level.

Yes, I always make sure if I have all the mats for *5, and there are no option for best *4 heroes to level, then I level *5 heroes (which is also should be the best *5 heroes at least).

Matched-color training is the fastest way to get your team built up. There’s a 20% experience premium when feeding macthed color, and a doubled chance of increasing the special skill.

I use Team 1 to hold the five heroes I’m currently training, matched with the troops I’m currently training. Doing so lets me find those heroes/troops much faster and more reliably.

There are several solid guides about raiding strategy. My favorite is the three-part “Raiding in the Top 1000” series, which has a lot of good insights applicable to anyone, even if you’re not top-1000. It, and many other guides, are linked here:


Thanks gonna look at that guide now. So I guess it’s best to match first according to enemy, then according to my teams complimenting skill like one that takes mana, another that gives attack boost, another decreases enemy defense etc…

That’s what I was kinda thinking when I created the 4 start team with BT/Grimm/Li Xu/Cyp/Caed they all do something different, but I still think it wasn’t the greatest combo. I’m learning though.

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Can you guys tell me 3 good defense heroes and 3 good offense heroes that are 4 and 5 star??

Good defenses based on surive low diamond:
*4 heroes: Boldtusk (any place), Boril (tank), Jack O Harre (wing), Jackal (wing/flank), Li Xiu (any place), etc…
*5 heroes: Guin (tank), Kunchen (tank), Aegir (tank), Yunan (tank), BossWolf (tank), Ursena (any place), Seshat (any place), Sartana (wink/flank), Lianna (wing/flank), Kageburado (any place), Gravemaker (any place), Mother North (left wing), Alby (left wing) etc…

Good offense:
*4 heroes:
Red team: Boldtusk, Wilbur, Falcon + any red + Proteus
Blue team: Kiril, Grimm, Sonya/Triton + any… + Proteus
Green team: Buddy, Melendor, Caedmon + Hansel + any… + Proteus
Yellow team: Jackal, Wu Kong, Danza, + any… + Proteus
Purple team: Rigard/Sabina, Tirbutus, Cyprian, Merlin, Proteus + any…

for offense *5 heroes, has many variation, and I’m not yet much experince yet, so maybe others can explain better.

Here is some guide worth to watch:

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Wow this is the first time someone mentioned Danzaburo in a good way! I have him but didn’t continue to level him. Very interesting feedback

we are not alone…
here there are also some danza topics:

Hey guys! I’m happy to report that I’ve been taking the advice of you great players, and look what I accomplished in 2 days using it…YEAAAAH!!! #PlatinumRaider

Oh FYI that’s NOT my defense team, just the last combo I used to beat the last team I raided lol, so I have to edit that to make a set defense team.


@jinbatsu @Kerridoc @mediocracy @ZEBRA @zephyr1 you’ll rock! :hugs:


If you want, you can check out

In there, you can find some great examples of teams that were used against people’s defenses as well as some raiding videos.


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