Defense of the inrun tournament. Rush Fast

Hello, could anyone write how to format the defensive during the tournament? Which one would work best.

Let me flip this around on you: what are your options?

Already change it like… 12 times :joy:

There’s many options available.

  • Li xiu tank
  • Colen tank
  • Boldtusk tank
  • Boril tank

And so on…

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Hm Certainly the tank, either Kirill or Boldusk, I’m sure of it. The question about Colem is how to fire this massacre and seeing that it will be fast in the case of Wu and Boldusk, an amazing trio?

I’m kinda kicking myself now for not leveling up Colen, so instead I’m going to try a stalling defense:

Minions + attack/defense debuff + flank healers + defense/attack buffs + mana control will hopefully slow the attacker enough to wear them down, or at least run out the timer! :smile:

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That looks very solid. Better if everyone were fully leveled, but good synergies here.

LJ scares me more…

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Since everyone is VF I’m gonna skip the healer like a lot do on raid defense and roll the dice.

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Know what you would advise me looking at my defense. Would you change something Colema is over today?

Excuse me writing LJ what hero do you mean?

LJ = little john

Thanks so much, I thought that it was probably him

I’m going the opposite direction - 2 healers - mostly out of necessity. That said, I hope I don’t draw you in the tournament, with that much mana control! Very nice.

It will depend on the boards, but I think that, under normal conditions, this tournament in defense will have three keys, Colen or another one of massive damage, Wilbur to distribute that damage and lower defense and, above all, mana cutters. A proteo or LJ on the left, which allows your colen to shoot twice and the opponent does not, is vital.

This could be fun and annoying also

How would you set this up from the left?

Do you guys think this can be a good option for the defense? Other fully ascended options are a 2nd Grimm and Caedmon. That’s all the 4 stars I have fully ascended. Please suggest. :slight_smile:

It depends on your team. And, with permission from Otto, who decides everything, my ideal team for this tournament and, regardless of healers and basing on damage and cut is, from left to right: proteo, wilbur, boril, colen, lj.
If they load all fast, proteo will leave without loading mana 3 rivals, wilbur will lower defense, boril for against colen, if wilbur charged, colen too, so, on the same roll Colen will shoot down defenses and, if any loaded, LJ will cut mana gaining time. In theory, this training should work, if at all, to change Boril, but it can also be key if the team does not fall and you receive another attack.


I wonder about these two defenses either Boldusk in the middle or Wilbur which option?