Defense Lineup Based on the Direction your Heroes Look

Hello everyone,

This may be weird, but lately I’ve started to be bothered by the pose of my heroes in my defense lineup. So I was wondering if any of you ever had such a thing (or starting to have it now that I point it out lol).

I mean there are 3 poses of heroes:

1/ Look left (Queen of Hearts, Seshat, Gretel, Renfeld, etc.)

2/ Look right (Finley, Mother North, Gullibursti, Ulmer, etc.)

3/ Look straight (Telluria, Onatel, Rigard, Bauchan, etc.)

So I’ve started placing defense heroes in a way that they look towards one point, symbolizing the team’s harmony and vision. For example, right-right-right-straight-left or right-straight-straight-left-left). Of course this may have nothing to do with how your defense perform.

Let me know if anyone cares.


I care. Maybe a little too much.


You mean like setting a defence like this? (Legit the defence team I’ve been using for about 3 weeks now)

I know, not symmetrical… But the eyes!

You’re not alone. It bugs other people too :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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I mean they’re all looking at their King who looks forward. Looks perfect to me! :wink:


Exactly. Most of the time in theory, the Owl is supposed to be placed in the right corner or the famous Alby in the left corner, but then they would look ‘out of the box’ lol.

It’s great to be able to set up a legit defense like in your case, but sometimes it just gives me more headache when I try to accommodate this ‘aesthetic principle’ 'cause it limits your options.

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