Defense Line-up/Arrangement

Finally got a team of 4* 3-60 heroes… currently have enough materials to take Sir Lancelot to Ascension Level 4. Since I don’t have any other Red 4*, I’ll probably do that… I use a 3-1-1 method for feeding, and am working on Ameonna ((2-28), Hu Tao (1-34), and a 2nd Melendor (1-1)…All other heroes are 3*. My question at the moment… based on the way I have this group lined up, is this optimum for defense, or is there a better way to re-arrange them? - Thanks!

My rationale for positions

Triton - Left Wing. With Heal Boost, must fire before healers.

Rigard - Left Flank - He could be the tank, but prefer not to have a healer there, especially with Lancelot on RF.

Li Xiu - Tank - Solid D and Stamina. And with Lancelot at RF, she benefits from his Mana and Attack Bonus

Sir Lancelot - Right Flank - A little squishy, but had to put him here to keep the two healers apart

Melendor - Right Wing - More attack power than Rigard, so He is here to benefit from Lancelot’s bonus.

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