Defense issues

Defense buffs and debuffs are working incorrectly. I noticed when I had Aegir buff up and the def buff wasn’t applied to everyone in tournament and then again when Kunchen went off and removed the buff but the negative def buff was not applied. I noticed this again when I used wilbur and def banners against the titan. I’ll open a ticket soon but wondered if anyone else has experieneced this as it persists through restart.

Sometimes its a visual glitch…
It happened to me few months ago with elemental debuff but it was just visual glitch because the damage aplied was correct!
Try to take some prt screens and submit a ticket.
Specially on titans!
When raiding make sure you opponent dont have the innate hability or his talented (emblems) to resist that specific debuff…
In youre own heroes better run some provinces from S2 to check if its just visual or its really affecting/not affecting heroes performance


Thanks for taking the time to respond in detail. The issue persists throigh reset and is NOT just visual. I hope it was just an anomaly (that happened 8 times :rofl::scream:)but I will test it again in a bit.

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