Defense ideas?

Hello all! I have a hard time staying above 2k trophies. Whenever I’m on I’ll defeat enough to be above but when not playing the game I always lose +100 trophies to raids. Im thinking maybe I don’t have my defense set up as I should?

I currently run; Danzaburo, Kashhrek, Boldtusk, Rigard, Grimm in that order.

The following are my strongest heroes;

Im open to any ideas as my current team just can’t defend!

Boldtusk at tank can work, but he needs some firepower behind him to take advantage of his attack buff. Right now your center is too passive with three healers in there (Kash, Boldtusk, Rigard).

What your team is mostly doing when raided is just delaying the match, which gives attackers a very easy pass at charging their skills and whittling your team down little by little.

Try this team instead:

Caedmon | Sonya | Boldtusk | Danzaburo | Proteus


Agree with Boldtusk being the tank and needing firepower. So with that in mind I’d flank him with Caedmon and Hansel. Then have Rigard and Guardian Jackal out wide. GJ is very fast, Caedmon is fast and debuffs, and Hansel is fast as well. Rigard in a corner is a pain to deal with and he cleanses your whole team.

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Hola, yo quitaría a danzaburo y Grimm.
Y metería a kiril y guardián Chacal, vamos ni me lo pensaba, Grimm en ataque, pero en defensa es débil y danzaburo, es una incógnita, el especial de ataque y defensa son Buenos, pero si se congela, puedes perder la ventaja, guardian Chacal es buenísimo, el mana muy rápido es una garantía.
Con guardian Chacal, rigard, kashrek, boldtusk y kiril, serás un hueso duro de roer, prueba y ya me dirás.
Yo los pondría en ese orden que te dije.

Too much healing and not enough power on your present team. Kashrek is wasted outside of the tank spot, but you have better green options to replace him than Boldtusk or Rigard, so I say give him the boot. I also think Danza is pretty lackluster. Wu and and Jackal are both fragile in comparison, but with two healers on the board I think you can deal with that. I’d suggest trying Caedmon, Grimm, Boldtusk, Rigard, Wu. The feature here is (hopefully) stacking Grimm’s defense down with BT and Wu’s attack buffs.

Many options:

Caedmon, Proteus, Boldtusk, Grimm, Jackal For fast attack and maná control, but with low endurance.

Hansel, Wilbur, Rigard, Grimm, Jackal. Is another all of nothing but can fail if Rigard falls.quickly.

Sonya, Boldtusk, Kashhrek, Proteus Jackal Could be the most versatile of all: Dispel, heal, buff, mana control and damage, but a little slower than the others.

I would stick with your true tank Kashrek and build around him. Rigard and BT are your only other 2 viable tanks, but you have a harder build with them as tanks. Your roster just has so many support heros.

Caedmon - Sonya - Kashrek - Grimm - Hansel

That would be my personal build. Plenty of dmg, dispelling, some mana control, while maintaining a true tank. It also punishes red stacks nicely.