Defense help!

With my roster, what group will eventually make the best defense if they were fully ascended?
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I don’t know much about grazul or Miki yet so currently I’d go something like

Rigard Richard Kash Colen Chao/Li


Rigard Richard Boldy Caedmon Chao/Li

If others said Graz is a decent tank I’d think about

Merlin/Tibs Richard Graz Caedmon Chao/Li


What does your ascension mat inventory look like?

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Right now I have the materials to ascend one 4* of each color past 3/60.

From left to right:

Scarlett, Tiburtus, Kashrek, Kiril, Li-Xiu. That’s my vote.

Perhaps Sonya instead of Kiril just to have a dispeller in the flank.


Defence is not the most important aspect of the game so I think you should concentrate on key all-around heroes. You should do rainbow leveling.

Blue feeders: to Grimm, then Kiril
Reds: to Boldtusk, then Colen
Greens: max out LJ, then work on Kashhrek, then Caedmon
Purples: to Merlin, then Rigard
Yellows: to Wu Kong, then Chao.

Merlin-Grimm-Kashhrek-Colen-Chao could be a decent defence team after you max these 11 heroes. But bear in mind that Merlin is not great on defence, he shines on offence.

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