Defense Help! ObakanCC2 + 4

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for a suggestions what to run for my defense. Here is the link to my rooster:

I think the tank should be Obakan CC2 (would prefer purple one) and probably Morel in team but the rest… I struggle. Any advice would be appreciated. Tried lot of combinations but whatever I put I would get OSK.

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Alby, Morel, OB, Papyros-strip Kadilen since no costume, GM.

Everyone gets OSK at times. Lots of factors.


Is this Raid or War Defense?

If Raid, run a 2-3 formation (2 tanks-3 behind) and run it like this:

  • Gravemaker - C2.Obakan - Ariel - Kara - Guan Yu

If this is for War, I would try this:

  • C.Alberich - Kara - C2.Obakan - Morel - Guan Yu

I realize there are two Nature heroes in that format, but most will come strong with Holy anyway due to the tank. Also most would want Morel on the left flank but Kara is actually better here, and if Morel and Guan Yu fire on the same turn Morel will naturally setup Guan for a big hit/s.

Give that a try and report back


This is a good idea to strip Kadilen and add emblems to Papyros! I use him a lot more and was even thinking of putting him in a defense few times! Thanks.


For both! I will put this raid defense to test, thanks! but for war, we can’t use slow heroes. Suggestion would be Evelyn instead Alby, so:

Evelyn, Kara, C2.Obakan, Morel, Guan Yu