Defense Help - High Platinum

I currently live in high platinum, about 2100-2300 give or take. I’m starting to fill out a halfway decent 4* roster and I cant make up my mind how to arrange my defense. I’d love to hear some outside thoughts!

Heroes not pictured: Peters (3-60), Falcon (3-60), Khagan (2-60), Sonya (2-50)

Current setup:

Hansel - Grimm - BT - Rigard - Jackal

I’ll replace Hansel with Caedmon when he is ready but I have some other good flank options in Khiona and Kiril. For Field Aid wars I swap Kiril in for Grimm. I know their attack buffs all overwrite but they are my best heroes and at least a buff is always up.

Thanks for your help!

PS - Zim/Evelyn are on the horizon but far in the distance still.

I’d go Caedmon, Grimm, Boldtusk, Hansel, Rigard. You don’t have a good yellow option so I think double green is fine since people will stack blue against boldtusk.

I’ve thought about double green wings. Caed and Hansel is a powerful combo considering a red tank. I think this way tho:

Caedmon - Grimm - BT - Rigard - Hansel

Upcoming war is field aid so I’ll swap in Kiril for Grimm for the heal wall.

You want to use three healers with field aid? That’s hilarious.

On the other hand, it’s kind of a “bring your DPS and pack a lunch” situation. Throw in Mother North and Alby for The Match That Never Ends™.

Yeah I bring an extra healer during field aid. My alliance is about 95,000 score and Im usually in the top 5 for cups. In this range I find most alliances will have only a few teams capable of beating my defense. It basically ensures they can’t kill me with their bench, if at all.

Just out of curiosity.

Why do I see so many people using healer tanks.

I love healer tanks when I attack. I throw tiles at them until the important specials are loaded and the kill them.

I use BT because he has the best 4* defense stats besides Kashrek. Also, you cant mindlessly ram tiles into BT and wait. The buffed auto attacks will eat you alive, he has to be dealt with.

Now, someone like Rigard I agree. Good stats but not threatening at all. He is Jackal food.

I very often attack Boldtusk tanks.

My team consists of Kiril. LJ, Tiburtus and 2xChao.

Once the Chaos are loaded Boldtusk is dead and Kiril hopefully heals the damage after some ghosting blue tiles.

I am siting in mid platinium and my personal experience tells me healers below 5* make bad tanks.

I prefer to attack Bold Tusk tank before Cademon tank and of course I love Kashrek tanks. :smile:

We can agree to disagree! I keep my cups perfectly fine with BT. I’d much rather attack a Caedmon. Falcon, BT, Wilbur and he is dead in 3 or 4 tiles typically.

I’d say top priority is getting Wilbur maxed and in their somewhere, either tanking or flanking the tank, as well as finishing off Khiona, your only fully acended five.

Hansel/Caedmon-Wilbur-Kiril-Khiona-Boldtusk is probably your best bet.

Boldtusk-Khiona-Wilbur-Grimm-Jackal might be pesky as well.

Good luck!

Wilbur is the current project but for use on titans/raids. I dont like him on defense and
I almost never see him defending when I’m raiding.

Link allows the attacker to focus fire me with an armor debuff/strong tiles and I dont trust the AI to cast it at a good time. Wilburs special at the wrong time can totally screw you.

Khiona is moving on up though! Evelyn and Zimkitty are on deck.

I’d say try him out tanking. I think you’ll like the results.

Picking off a single hero is easy. Picking off a single hero who shares his or her hitpoints with four other heroes is extraordinarily difficult. The fact that he buffs your defense while crippling your opponents’ is gravy.

With the attack buffs of Khiona and BT or Kiril, Wilbur’s defense debuff is going to turn even the smallest attacks into 300-400-point hits.

There is a very good reason you dont see Wilbur tanks.

All someone has to do to easily beat it is stack 2-3 blues. Just let Wilbur activate then ideally hit him with Grimm/any rammer. Now you have the enemy team linked, debuffed, and stacked against. Ram 3-4 blue tiles into him and poof…whole team dead.

I’m sorry to say but your team isn’t good enough for high platinum

Super helpful post, thanks!

I open chests in diamond the time. Must be magic? Just trying to put the best D I can out there while I level my 5s.

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Lol, good response.

Caedmon, rigard, BT, Grimm, Hansel would be my order. Grimm at 2 or 4 doesn’t change how many heroes benefit from -def but you can get your cleanse off earlier to benefit Grimm.

Ahh yes I can see that. Unfortunately I dont have a maxed red 4* hero yet. ( after 9 month )

For unknown reasons RNG thinks I should play without them. :smile:

But when you use the color stacking Argument, every tank dies fast against a stacked team with average luck. :smile:

Fair point, Cawleary. I haven’t done a lot of raiding with 4-stars in the last year. That sounds like a good strategy for dismantling him.

Personally,I use Mother North as my go to tank.Emblemed up,she’s got an astounding amount of hit points and an awesome defense.She fires long before her hit points are even reduced by half.Flank her with blue(Ariel and Kiril),put Domitia and Marjana on the outside for firepower and I’m all set.I’m solidly in diamond and I seldom wake up with less cups than I had

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