Defense Help for Alt Account - More input request

Looking for more input on a decent defense team for my Alt Account. I have a few heroes in my roster that will be getting upgraded (Neith, Obakan, Santa… Etc). Looking for input on a defense to use now and one for the future (am I leveling the right heroes). Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Now: Caedmon - Gormek - Boril - Proteus - Li Xiu
Later: Tarlak - King Arthur - Santa Claus - Neith - Obakan

Even for a “now” defense you wouldn’t apply king Arthur or tarlak or a healer? I’ve been testing out a few things here and there but haven’t found a proper team yet. I have a lot of utility/healing heros…

You need Boril to be your tank (so no King Arthur) and to be useful Tarlak should act on heroes that are still alive, 4* tends to die too quickly above 2400 cups.

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