Defense help: Boldtusk vs. Gormek vs. Kiril?

@LadyAchilles, if you want recommendations it might be good to start your own thread. Your questions are different from my thread title’s :slight_smile:

couple of thoughts on defense:

  • a rainbow (one of each color) is generally best, as it reduces the advantage an attacker gets from color stacking (using more than one hero of same color)
  • if using more than one hero of same color in defense, positioning becomes very important. you want to keep heroes of same color apart so they don’t get hit by the same set of tiles
  • middle hero should have high defense / health. if Grimm is your center, he’s too frail for that

Based on your choices (Caed, Boldy, Grimm, Li, Cyp, Proty, Wilbur…)

Caedmon / Boldy / Li / Cyp / Grimm


Caed / Boldy / Cyp / Li / Grimm

or even

Caed / Grimm / Boldy / Cyp / Li

*Caedmon is fast mana so best in corner. He’s on the left so his dispel hits the enemy first.
*Cyprian and Li are both fairly good Platinum-level tanks. Li Xiu used to be my tank when I was in low/mid Platinum, and she kept me there
*specials “fire” from left to right, which I tried to consider in my 3 recommendations…

Proteus and Wilbur are both great heroes for offense. For defense, well, it takes a bit more skill / timing to use them. Bringing in Wilbur means you lose Boldtusk, your only healer. And I find that Cyprian works better on defense than Proteus does.


So wait are those the heroes you have or the ones you see? If you have that roster, well by golly you’ll be able to hold diamond with relative ease. Just make smart ascension decisions and attack, and the rest comes with time.

Heck when I started, I just wanted to beat the dark lord for kicks. Even getting to diamond seemed beyond me. It just takes time is all.

But if you’re talking placing and holding top 100, afraid I can’t help you there.

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@sleepyhead I’m sorry didn’t mean to shift your thread, just reading it while although different basis I shared the sentiment of one of the commenters about being able to hold up on raids, so my apologies. I’m still leveling a lot of heroes as I initially made the mistake a lot of newbies make thinking you can only do well with 5* heroes and end up stuck and having to reorganize your heroes and such. So that’s why I didn’t fully make my own post about it because I do feel like once I level enough heroes I will be much better in general, and to have this concern yet only have 5 maxed heroes is kinda moot lolol. I just get discouraged sometimes seeing who I’m up against esp when I read these forums about those players I mentioned.

I wouldn’t swap Cyprian out for Proteus as I do feel like he’s a better defense hero than Pro, if I put Wilbur in which I was considering, I would have swapped BT for Kiril, but then I’m left with only one attacker so that’s weird to me lol

My order from l to r is Caed as sniper, Li as left flank, BT as tank, Cyp as right flank and Grimm as left wing. I positioned Cyp as flank there so that he can give some extra protection to the tank who will be hit most, and Grimm who is terribly squishy.

@MD-DC yes that is my roster, I’m not interested in placing currently it’s more about just being able to maintain status and compete in the raids that I do/those that raid me. I feel like placers play different, using stacks/mono teams on attack and holding some heavy cards on defense so I’m not there yet, that is a future goal of mine though lol. But I have no idea who my diamond team is just yet, guess I will see as I continue to level and experiment, thanks for the encouragement :slight_smile:

@LadyAchilles no worries, I understand :slight_smile:

I agree that only having one damage dealer is not ideal.

your current team is pretty good already. Maybe Caed / Grimm / Li / Cyp / Boldy, or switch Cyp and Li. either way, you have two damage dealers as flanks, which punishes the enemy more if they can’t kill the tank at once.

Wilbur is a mixed bag. can be devastating, but there are also some easy fixes. A defense buffer like Kiril can overwrite Wilbur’s defense debuff, but retains the spirit link to benefit the enemy…

Caedmon only dispels the shared damage, not the defense down. In fact, this might be a very good thing sometimes. Imagine a healer ready to go off on the enemy team. Your tiles or snipers won’t be able to take him out because of the shared damage which will spread damage over the whole enemy team. But if Caedmon dispels the shared damage, the defense debuff will still be in effect and you’ll be able to take the healer out with specials or tiles directed at him. So, don’t worry about using them together, at least not on your attack teams where you choose the timing of the special skills.


all, now that the thread topic has shifted, would it maybe be better for @LadyAchilles to create a new thread? :slight_smile:

Kind of. He has great heroes but until they get some meat on their bones, they’re all benchwarmers.

So I think he would benefit more from asking ascension advice than defense help. There’s no point in giving defense advice for his 5* heroes since it’s impossible to know who he’ll have/get in the meantime or whether the meta will shift by then. I mean I asked for diamond defense advice like eons ago, and my bench never developed in a way to really capitalize on the best advice I was given at that time, and I pulled much better purple 5* heroes and Vivica since then, so a lot of the advice just went flying out the window.

So @LadyAchilles should ask who to ascend next with full roster screenshots of 4* on up and ascension mats, and just keep his eye on one hero at a time.

As the saying goes, “a thousand mile journey begins with the first step.”

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@sleepyhead lol


@MD-DC in another post I asked for ascension advice a few weeks back and got great feedback hence me seeing this and thinking about my teams now that I’m ascending according to the advice given. But @sleepyhead has had enough of me so thanks again I’m off of this now lol :slight_smile: