Defense down heroes

Do the defense down of players stack or are they redundant ? Example Tiburtus and Isarnia ?

They don’t stack as they are the same type of debuff.

You could stack a special skill defense down, elemental defense down and a defense down because they are all different, for example Mist and Tiburtus and Guardian Panther, but not Tiburtus and Isarnia. The latest one you cast will overwrite any other debuff of the same type.

I am not sure redundant is necessarily the right term, as depending on timing and enemies you are facing it may make sense to have multiple defense debuffers and fire them in sequence or keep one in reserve to overwrite an enemy defense buff. But they definitely don’t stack.


Tiburtus and Isarnia overwrite each other

This thread is a good resource


I do not use defensive heroes. Seems unnecessary to me

Defense down heroes are not defensive heroes. They reduce the defense of your opponent so your attacking heroes hit even harder. Attack support heroes.

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What do you consider as defensive heroes?

Of course they are ! On of the best defender hero is Finley and that’s mostly thanks to it’s defense debuff!!

Frigg is also currently the best green tank/flank and that’s because of her debuff.

Once upon a time kunchen was the best tank and that also was due to the defense debuff…

The best defense is a good offense. A good defense hero is not necessarily a defensive hero.

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Read that . Thank you very much .

Nope. He was overhyped back then. He was just common because HOTMs were a bit easier to obtain than event heroes. Ursena was better than him.

No hero that dies in 3 tiles can be called a tank.

Ursena still gives me as much trouble as any tank. Kunchen is just an annoyance.

With mono most heroes die in three tiles, including pre-nerfed Telly.

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Lol. Really? Thats funny. Because a lot of players use those heroes that dies against 3 strong tiles when made as tank. As far as they are concerned, since it is the central hero serving as tank, it should be the tank.

You should read more players guides. If you use Frigg on defense which she’s great at, you’d be crazy not to use her on offense too.

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