Defense Dilemma after pull

Here is my current defense. It has been holding pretty well.

I pulled Athena last night. Been waiting for a nice 5* blue. I have all the mats and she is just about at 60.

Do I swap her in for Anzogh or Onatel (this is my thought)? Maybe there is something better?

Do I emblem her? I wouldn’t reset Lianna but instead start feeding them to Athena.

Last question, as Drake is a monk and my emblems have been going to Joon (+5) should I start giving Drake some emblems? He is pretty solid as is but would be a nice boost.

Thank you in advance!
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Athena for Anzogh

Drake is better for emblems if you use him for defense.


Thanks I was leaning Anzogh although I like him may not but that great for defense.

Would you start giving Athena emblems now and leave Lianna at +6 for now?

I think I will start giving Drake emblems. I have only been focusing on 1 of each but it may be time to start sharing.

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Nope. I would NOT emblem Athena for the reason of her special.

Athena is used mainly for the debuff, so giving her emblems seems like a waste to just boost stats. Lianna is purely for sniping and upping her stats to snipe is the way to go (offense route).

I gave none to Joon while I gave all to Drake. If you do the 1-2 punch with Jackal, Joon does not need the emblems. Drake on the other hand is great for defense and he should be the one getting the emblems.

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Thanks. I wish I had Jackel.

What route did you go with Drake?

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I went with the defense/offense route.

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That sounds about right.

I will probably move my emblems but will need to wait till I get some ham/iron. Leveling Athena as quick as I can right now.

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She is still one of the best hero for titans and offense.

Frida + Athena = one mean debuff combo

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You are always mentioning heros I don’t have :frowning:

Right now for Red titans I use Wu, Triton, Isarnia, Grimm (+16), Kiril. Would she replace Grimm?

Well unless you show me your roster, I can only say what I think is optimum. :wink:

She would replace Isarnia for titans 8* and below.

She would replace Grimm for any titan above 8*.

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5* Level Color
Khiona 4-80 Purple
Victor 4-80 Purple
Obakan 3-70 Purple
Sartana 3-70 Purple
Kunchen 4-80 Purple
Onatel 4-80 Yellow
Joon 4-80 Yellow
Drake 4-80 Yellow
Drake 3-70 Yellow
Isarnia 4-80 Blue
Richard 3-70 Blue
Athena 2-60 Blue
Lianna 4-80 Green
Kadlien 3-70 Green
Horghall 1-26 Green
Natalya 4-80 Red
Natalya 3-70 Red
Elena 3-70 Red
Anzogh 4-80 Red
4* Level Color
Tiburtus 4-70 Purple
Tiburtus 3-60 Purple
Rigard 4-70 Purple
Rigard 4-70 Purple
Merlin 4-70 Purple
Sabina 3-60 Purple
Proteus 4-70 Purple
Proteus 3-60 Purple
Jabbar 1-19 Purple
Gretal 4-70 Yellow
Wu 4-70 Yellow
Chao 3-60 Yellow
Danzaburo 4-70 Yellow
Li Xiu 3-13 Yellow
Kiril 4-70 Blue
Kiril 4-50 Blue
Sonya 4-70 Blue
Sonya 3-60 Blue
Grimm 4-70 Blue
Grimm 3-60 Blue
Boril 3-60 Blue
Valeria 3-60 Blue
Captain of Diamonds 4-70 Blue
Triton 4-70 Blue
Triton 4-70 Blue
Jack O’hare 4-70 Green
Caedmon 4-70 Green
Caedmon 3-60 Green
Melandor 4-70 Green
Melandor 3-60 Green
Gadeirus 4-70 Green
Buddy 4-70 Green
Gobbler 3-60 Green
Little John 3-60 Green
Hansel 4-70 Green
Scarlet 4-70 Red
Wilbur 4-70 Red
Wilbur 4-70 Red
Boldtusk 4-70 Red
Boldtusk 3-60 Red
G. Falcon 4-70 Red
Sir Lancelot 3-60 Red
Kellile 3-60 Red
Gormek 3-60 Red
Colen 3-60 Red
Sumitomo 3-60 Red
Tyrum 3-50 Purple
Balthazaar 3-50 Purple
Chocin 3-50 Purple
Melia 3-50 Yellow
Bane 3-50 Yellow
Gato 3-50 Blue
Muggy 1-1 Green
Belith 3-50 Green
Berden 3-50 Green
Rudolph 3-50 Red
Hawkmoon 3-50 Red
Azar 3-46 Red

Now I see your problem since you use Kunchen as tank.
You dont want to put Khiona next to him.

However, I would suggest the below:

Athena - Drake - Kunchen - Joon - Lianna

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Would you use Joon instead of Onatel there? I was torn on those 2 at that spot.

Yeah Kunchen at tank makes it tough to use Khiona but I should be ok there.

Yes. Joon would be better.
The fast mana and heavy hit puts a lot of pressure on the attacker to kill Kunchen.

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Would you still move emblems to Drake in that scenerio? Joon hits hard regardless.

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I would if I could regardless of the 5% loss.

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I have 2 reset emblems. I had 3 total and used one for Kunchen (from Rigard).

So when I have the resources I can switch them.

She is also weak as hell without emblems, her survival stats are below par to offset her extreme special skill.
Her special last 4 turns so ideally you need her to fire at least twice during titan fights, and from experience I found emblems helped her stay alive an extreme amount longer to do that.

Since she doesn’t appear on my raid or war defence, I took her to +7 before switching to Alasie, who does an excellent job on war defence even without emblems.

As for @King_Nothing and defence; Kunchen is an excellent tank, arguably the best there is now. You want your tank to either punish opponents, like Grave or Yunan do, or delay them like Guin, Ariel. No other hero manages to combine the two as well as Kunchen does.
His defence debuff could clash with Athenas, while the combo of 3 AoEs firing after him that are NOT slow is golden.
If you really want to use Athena on defence, do not put her in the corner either. Her defence down doesnt help much when she’s the only one left standing. You need her on the flank to charge as early as possible, if she hits after allies then there is no point in her being there.
If you really want to add Joon to the mix I would put him on a corner on the opposite side to Drake and move Anzogh to a flank; he’s not a great hero but flanking Kunchen he can be pretty formidable. Kunchens debuff before Anzogh attacks can start a cycle of decent damage and lots of healing.

Kunchens only issue is that he stands up to neutral/weak colour compositions worse than he does against a holy stack. Dark roster is swamped with dispellers and cleansers who can sidestep him and wreck two yellow flanks. Having them both on the flanks also increases the chance of them both firing at the same time, meaning your opponent only needs to fire their Rigard/Kunchen/Zim once. I’ll always try and recommend against using double flank colour when using a Dark/Holy mix; your opponent can either stack against the flanks and kill them easily, or they can stack against your tank in which case your flanks are just as disadvantaged as your opponent is.

TLDR: Joon - Anzogh/Athena - Kunchen - Drake - Lianna

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Hi Mantis,

Thank you for your detailed input. I appreciate it.

I will probably play around with Anzogh/Athena in the flank as your stated.

I was just really excited I pulled a good blue 5*. I’ve had Isarnia maxed for a while now and Richard at 70. Never could bring myself to finish Richard because he wouldn’t add much in my opinion to what I have.

Now if I can just pull a green 5* outside of Lianna I will have more options to play around with.

Thanks again!

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