Defense diamond

What do you think of the following defense set-ups:

Seshat Mitsuko Guin Hel Marijana
Seshat Mitsuko Guin Marijana Liana
Liana Seshat Guin Hel Marijana

Which one would be the most efficient, eventually keeping me over 2600 overnight

Current defense

Liana Frida Guin Hel Marijana - keeping me easily around 2500 overnight, sometimes over 2600, but rarely

All except Liana +6 ( all emblems on special 4* ) 5* without emblems

Nothing will regularly keep you over 2600 overnight. That said I’d run the 2nd one.


Thanks, thought so, especially with those heroes not being heavy eblemed - fighting already guin tanks with + 10 and have reached global top 10 with mostly 4*, so clearly defense can’t hold up. But I enjoy experimenting with what I have, so decided to ask around people playing longer than me - playing from 1st Feb 2019 . I keep Hel in defense as don’t have something better for now, but I believe the general consensus is she is not for defense?

She is fine for defense but you already have 2 mana control in there. You need some damage.

My idea was that would be fun with Mitsuko Guin Hel in the middle as all 3 are mana control, so eventually can lock a team fully with high probability even under stupid AI management :slight_smile: + Mits and Hel do relatively good damage on 3 + 2 snipers as wings would be interesting - really want to see videos of attacks on such defense and how such defense is holding outside of theoretical - i haven’t met a defense like this and am fighting 2600 - 2800+ when raiding - suppose there is a reason why - is not working or they have just better heroes for defense on high levels

Give it a try. It could very well work for you. I’m ALWAYS experimenting with my tower defense and taking notes. It could lock them down, but will it give them time to recover? I can’t say for sure. Those are 3 heroes I do not have.


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