Defense debuff isn't working correctly. It doesn't stick

We have noticed a strange bug with defense debuff not getting there. I’m having issues in Rare Grimforest, some other players in Epic, haven’t heard from Legendary.

Not sure if the problem is me spamming the specials too fast, but here are some screenshots.

Here is Ulmer with his special.

After Ulmer, I fired my first Valen against the leftmost creeper and changed target and the second Valen against the rightmost creeper. The middle one and rightmost creepers have the debuff, but not the leftmost.

The same thing happened with the bosses many times. Same kind of screenshots.

  1. Ulmer fires
  2. 1st Valen against Boss Wolf
  3. 2nd Valen against Hansel
  4. Boss Wolf stats doesn’t show the debuff even though there is clearly damage applied to him from the specials.

I guess I won’t be trying to improve my score anymore. Hope you fix this soon. I have video of this if you need.

muf aka muhveli


Thanks for recording this, since I had just run epic and lege once. I had a feeling that something was wrong with Grimm, and I was pretty sure I had not have WK dicing around yet… just played forward but was quite condifident I had spotted some weird stuff going on.

Pretty sure it does say in there that aliments dont stick.

It does say in there?? The defdown should stick, no indicator it shouldn’t.

Pretty sure i read it. I could be mistaken. Could have been some other quest or something.
Edit** It was a different challenge. It should stick.

Elemental Barrier also ignores status effects from the same element, but this was not the case here.

Just to add to this Gretel mana reduction wasnt working .in event or raids and seasons

No official answer so I have to bump this with new evidence. I don’t remember if I used Tiburtus right after Wilbur this time, but here’s a screenshot with 3 monsters missing the defense debuff and having the damage sharing and 1 monster with both conditions.

I can’t find any reasons for this kind of behavior. No blindness, no monkey dice (Wu Kong), no enemies that remove negative conditions.

EDIT: 15.2.0

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@muhveli , I tried this now in 16.0.2 build 825 this morning. No wukong, no blindless, “clean” S2 enemies before triggering Wilbur, then Tiburtus: the defence-debuffs do stay after Tiburtus activation. (Does not disappear/get removed/“un-stick”).

I’ll continue to monitor this, and will update. Maybe @petri and @mhalttu are more into reading support-tickets nowadays… :slight_smile:


I think the initial bug had something to do with a special-skill replacing the same effect with new one.

Now four tests, and no bug happening. Bit slow testing in production server adventures… :wink:

Thanks for the report, we’ll investigate this here!

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I noticed the same thing with Sonya. She debuffs Wilbur’s special.
During a raid i waited till I got one opponent hero left. I activated Wilbur and then Sonya to check. Puff. Wilbur’s shared damage and damage nerf disappeared.

@GeneralSkye you are now observing totally different situation: Sonya’s spec is to clear buffs for enemies, Tiburtus/Valen/Ulmer just places defence reduction. There is another discussion / support-ticket / question open for your situation. see for example: My Panther removes my Wilburs share-damage effect from enemies?

Thank you! I’ll go check.

Hi, we were unable to reproduce this here. @Derpatron if you experience this issue again, please submit a support request with the exact time and date details so we can look into the battle. Thanks!

Also good to note that you need to select target before you cast the special, just in case it was done the other way around.

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