Defense (c)Jabberwock or Hannah

Hello, I would like to hear your advice. this is my current defense (reverse setup).

what do you think would Hannah be an improvement instead of Jabberwock?
I got her yesterday and am thinking about replacing it. Thank you very much for sharing your opinion.

I’m biased towards fast heroes for defense so I’ll pick Jabjab.

Not sure if you realise but Hannah is also a fast hero lol


With the benefit of +20% instant mana at start of fight.


Oh she’s fast? I don’t have her - but will probably settle for Hannah if both are fast. She is nasty

I would go for hannah as well, there not a lot of counter as of now against her mecanic so I think she is still more a threat than jb

Might be just me, but I have more trouble dealing with Jabberwock on defense than Hannah. And you need to keep in mind that the corrosive poison from the costume also slows the enemy down, not only damages them

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great set of heroes.
When setting up defense, I like to check, how widely are counters available for my heroes.

Without knowing your other available pool of heroes, I would switch your current setup :

Remove Wolfgang from tank ¸and put C. Kad there.

Reason? Red doesnt have dispell for dodge ( Kadilen) , while black has alot of counters for Wolfgang (immunity to buffs, or dispell).

Next, place Wolfgang as right flank and Krampus as left flank.
Reason? Krampus (blue) is strong vs red colour (for C. Kad) and there isnt dispell in red. 2) reason is , he can support faster C.Kad and Wolfgang to be able to survive and Wolfgang giving boosted hp after 4 rounds.

Lastly, have Elizabeth as left wing or prefferably , any other faster red hero for wing?

My final changes would then be (from L to R) : Elizabeth - Krampus - C.Kadilen - Wolfgang - Jabber

Please let me know if you have any faster red? :slight_smile:

I am not sure that what you mention applies to reverse formation. In reverse actually Krampus and C Kadilen are the tanks.

Oh? I was thinking of reverse classic?

Reverse classic, to my understanding, doesnt have a real tank, but generaly, tiles in the middle are most effective for securing ghosted tiles… So people would to some extent, still prioritize picking appropriate colour for center hero.

When I attack a reverse formation, I choose a strong color against the the two most exposed heroes - in this case C Kadilen or Krampus (each on two lanes). The middle hero is exposed only on one lane (as well as the flanks).

Sure, but can you ghost tiles in area if you defeat flank hero or does the centre one soaks now more tiles?

In my experience, the flanks are the most difficult to kill in reverse (unless with specials). And even if you kill a flank, you don’t get a ghosting lane because the space will be occupied by the middle hero.

I usually kill one of the heroes on the sides. This leaves me with a ghosting lane and the flank exposed.


So you either target center hero or wings (though harder to move more tiles at once and generate mana on wings).

This means, Wolfgang and Krampus are best protection at flanks. :slight_smile:

wow a lot of information, thank you very much!
my setup is reversed. krampus and ckadilen are on the front wing and should protect the flanks. wolfgang as a center can also withstand a lot. those were my thoughts.
as a fast red I would only have

nice to hear your thoughts please let me know more. as said Hannah could replace Jabberwock. Thank you very much I stay curious.
Here are my other options…

Well, you are absolutely stacked in every colour. Gefjon might be the right choice for this setup, but Vanda is also not to be underestimated.

When Ill have more time, I can think of what else to do with so many top heroes :slight_smile:

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I like your lineup as it it, but with Hannah instead of Jabbermoth. Seems v strong.