Defense Auto Attacks - Elemental?

Are the auto-attacks made by defenders considered elemental?

For example: if Evelyn casts her special then auto-attacks one of the debuffed targets does that attack take advantage of the elemental defense debuff?


In Evelyn’s case yes.

However, they are not elemental in the sense that they do not get elemental strenght/weakness.
So a blue heroes slash attack does the same damage to a green hero as it does to a Red hero.

But the elemental defense reduction do help.


Ok that makes sense, thanks. I’m envisioning

Hansel - Zimkitha - Guinevere - Khiona - Evelyn

I dont have any 5* blues yet. I figure Hansel can hopefully take advantage of Evelyn’s special. I am debating Caed over Hansel but I’m concerned about him removing Evelyn’s debuff.

Caedmon takes away enemy buffs, Evelyn’s special would remain in place! Have no fear

Oh derp you’re right! I’m exhausted my kids kicked my butt yesterday…must be baby brain.

Caed - Zimkitty - Guin - Khiona - Evelyn

Thats the plan then. Until I get Magni or another blue 5 anyways. I Have all these scopes just waiting for an owner! Arthur eluded me this time. There are so many good blues I’m going to need to hit an Atlantis past hotm or pull a magni. I dont think I’d use them on a Richard just to use them…though hed be tough to handle next to Guin. Maybe Isarnia I dunno.

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