Defense assessment

5 defense team options:

  1. Lianna - Isarnia - Aeron - Grave - Sartana
  2. Lianna - Aeron - Justice - Grave - Sartana
  3. Sartana - Isarnia - Grave - Aeron - Lianna
  4. Lianna - Leo - Aeron - Grave - Sartana
  5. Lianna - Quintus - Grave - Vivica - Sartana

Some opinions would be great.
Depending on your advice i will do some hero ascending…
(on 3/70 - Justice/Leo, Isarnia/Thorn, Aeron/Quintus) → pls look only on defense!

if you are going to do a slow flank, don’t chose Quintus over Isarnia. After she fires it generally turns regular slash attacks into death, given her defense reduction, past damage, and the bonus damage defenders get.

I’m more fearful of isarnia than quint.

Also unless you have a ton of yellow 80s i wouldn’t do Justice. she’s pretty limited to tank. Viv is amazing on offense as well and Leo is now no slouch. However i’ve never been a fan of viv on defense - unlike delilah’s minions (and average speed), vivs buff can be timed and played around with dispellers from the attacker. On offense i always like seeing a defending viv as opposed to someone more threatening.

Saw your edit. Omg Isarnia is heads and shoulders above Thorne. Definitely choose her over thorne for any role.

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i know → no thorn in the 5 Options.
What’s your favourite number?

of those choices definitely not 2 or 5.

probably 1 or 3.