Defense after maxing Kageburado

I am about to max Kage, and wondering what to do with my main defense.

I seem to hold more cups with Marjana at tank, running a team of Evelyn-Onatel-Marjana-Rumplestilskin-Seshat.

After maxing Kage, i thought about moving Onatel to tank and flanking her with Kage and Seshat, but not sure who to kick out between Rumple, Eve, and Marj…Eve is only +1, the others are +7 & +8.

Suggestions for best team synergy and holding cups?

Kage should only flank, not wing (so you’re thinking right there).
Seshat can flank but she’s better at wing.

Onatel is a much better tank than Marj IMHO so I like your thinking.

Which to drop really is going to come down to what performs best when you give it a try!

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I’m not too impressed with Onatel as a tank, in fact I would actively choose to face her, as I have Grazul who effectively neuters her special. She’s gotten worse since they’ve introduced so many more heroes that resist, block, or even remove her “undispellable” effect, and even if someone doesn’t have those it’s pretty tough for her to stay alive at tank long enough to get the full effect of the mana drain when she’s exposed to tiles.

Understand that.

Who would you suggest running as a tank? Like I said, I feel like Marjana holds more cups than Onatel has, but figured I would flank her with 2 purple heroes and see what happens!

Eve Sesh Rumple Onatel Marja

No Kage on def and :rainbow:

Sure, no reason to not experiment, I get that. I’d go with Rumple and Marj at wings given that configuration.

Never even considered Rumple at tank…interesting. Will have to try that config out!


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Whatever he’s going to do will help the whole team and your team will stay competitive, even if he’ll die without a cast.

You’ve got just a lack of cleanse, but also now.

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