DEFEND their honour! In defence of Obakan and the indefensible

2-3 Ameonna will do very good on Yellow titan, since her attack booster is almost double without chance of miss… take turns to transform to ghost will be definitely prolong your fight with Titan…


I kinda 1/2 wanna try this out…

I don’t have any spare ameonna & have a long list of purples to go first lol…

My ideal 4* purple team for a titan would be:
Cheshire Cat - For the defence down
Ameonna x3 - for the attack power
Rigard (costume) - for attack buff & healing

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I also want to defend my Boss Wolf… He has been rated “C” for long long…time.
But I use him as tank and he deserve his spot as tank too. With talents on level 13 focused on defensing and HP together with critical troop, his defense score is reaching 1000 easily and HP at 1650…

If tiles are not favorable to attackers, he will definitely help charging my flanking Joon and Mitsuko to fire even faster.

My defense team did much better than of my friends who has Kage as tank…
Furthermore, he is my hero on 5* rush attack tour, both of offensive and defensive.

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Another in defense of Atomos. True, there are much better heroes and I’d love to see a few minor tweaks, but I’ve found him very useful in wars. I put him in one of my weaker attack teams and he often wins the battle for me. Often, he’s the last one standing which is nice as I use his revive against the stupid AI. :grin:

What I can’t defend if his ability to appear in most of my Atlantis pulls :roll_eyes:


I’m going to have to defend my Quintus and Hu Tao here. As two of my first high star heroes, they still have a place on my roster farming 8-7 tirelessly day and night.

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No need to defend Boss Wolf. According to a post SG made last year, he has the highest win rate of all tanks (partially because of his rarity).

Don’t worry too much about the Anchor rankings. They are great, but miss out on lots of context.



I’d like to defend Anzogh and Grimble, neither might be the first that you pick for a team but both of them are serviceable damage support that stick around long enough to fire. Healing is always welcome and at some point I believe minion smashing will also be pretty solid. A bit of support (defense down, attack up) and these heroes can pack a punch. They may not be high priority heroes but that doesn’t make them bad.


I talked plenty of :poop: about Anzogh when he came out. But the more I face him, the more I see his use, not so much on defense but offensive support. He sits behind quite a few other red projects, but I may get around to him now that I have a better idea of how and when to use him.


I shall defend Thorne

I maxxed him before he was cool. Or hot. Or buff.

And now, he’s a damage machine. Fire him after Isarnia or Grimm and it’s death and destruction aplenty.

And he’s a tough nut to crack too, no glass cannon - he’s a solid steel howitzer.


He pairs well as a secondary healer option that adds damage… so in cases where maybe you have a slow healer and potentially need a bit more time to get to them or… just pair with gazelle and laugh. Mind you, I’m also putting these heroes in a position to be as successful as possible (even giving high mana troops to tile break), but I have a roster to do that … I understand not everyone does and that’s what makes recommendations so tricky at times.


Thats my same reasoning in wars. Whenever I’m stuck building a second x3 green team, my eyes goes to him and my mind whispers me sweet objective “lies”: “You can make him resurrect and maybe carry a 1vs many situation by stalling with his ult and hoping to dig gold on green tiles”.


I use Margaret in raids, a lot.

She is part of my green stack team, I place her just between Buddy and Lianna, and she has saved my rears more than once.

I defend her honor too.

She is very niche IMO, but that does not make her a bad hero.

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I’ll defend the much maligned Guardian Kong.

Often derided because of the +ice elemental defence, but this is missing the wood for the trees…

In almost every way he’s better than Azlar, who is widely accepted as decent - sturdier, noticeably more instantaneous damage on AoE, faster mana (average) which lines up with the useful red stackers (Wilbur, BK, Falcon), family bonus when stacked with Falcon.

Azlar only wins over Kong on tiles (very minor advantage) and having DoT which is rarely in the picture for it’s full duration in the current fast battles meta.


I co-sign this, I love my skittle with the bonus she goes in my green mono team as well

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Been evaluating him at 3.70… huge damage at average mana.

Combining with Wilbur and BK works wonders for mitigating his self-harm element (BK pulls it to one target worth of damage, Wilbur spreads… Minimal damage taken, attack boosted by 20%).

Obviously wouldn’t take him to a scrap against multiple dark enemies… But against a defence with two holy defenders he’d be dynamite!

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I’d use it!!

Riposte on enemies is gold when you’re running beserk :slight_smile:

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