Defence teams in Raids

My only suggestion is the make the defence team in your raid your attacking team. Change the name to “raid team” so that you’re locked in to fighting with a single team.

Why? I can get easy raid chests by having a low team and then come in with a better team and clean up. These raid chests should be made a little more challenging (and perhaps monthly competitions with tiers :slight_smile:). It would also help to get levels a bit better that you’re competing against similar levelled teams.

What if others disagree with you? There must have been a rationale behind the Drop Cups movement in the first place… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well I’m not fussed if people disagree and don’t like it :slight_smile: Happy for people to discuss if need be. I know that I’ve made my thoughts on other topics clear, but at the same time, I am glad there is a community who can debate and discuss rationally and sensibly.

I know that I’ve been doing the low cup thing for a while, but simply just putting an idea out there.

Not sure how it would work, but it sounds like it would be a terrible idea.

  • You have heros you want on your defence team, but absolutely dont want on your offence team, and vice versa.

  • You have certain heros that are good agains certain heros. Why limit the option to tailor your team?

That being said, some sort of monthly competition for raids other than bragging rights is a good idea!

This is a terrible idea.How would this system work? They would have to limit how often you can change your team composition, because otherwise people would just change their team when they log off.

I use different heroes on attack and defense and even if I use same heroes, I would put them in different order. Sometimes I swap heroes according to the team I attack.

I have never dumped my score. I put my best possible team on defense and hope it does as good as possible.

The cup dumping is a stupid thing but this is no solution to it.

Cup dumping is a perfectly logical response to the raid reward system. Why spend 10-15 raid points for 40 kills when you can spend 8? You get more chests if you dump rank at zero reward costs. You can go too far and hurt your alliance ranking, but again what is the reward downside beyond less ego stroking?

As to the locked raid proposal, I can’tell say i like it too much as I like being able to field the team of my choice. Weekly ladder rewards would solve the drop cup issue about as well, but encourages more p2w as well

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You could always just not drop cups if you’re looking for more of a challenge. :slight_smile: