Defence Team Points

Can someone explain to me how each teams Defence Team is allocated points.

As in - i kill one of the enemy team and get 45 points

Where does that 45 points come from - how is it worked out ?

Raid or War? There is a huge diference.

Raids: trophy difference.

War: health contribution to the alliance.

The forum search tool, really is a friend. :thinking:

Assuming you’re inquiring about war points,…


Sorry about that…


This is why i asked…

That doesn’t even make sense… and neither does anything else I’ve read through the forum…

On our Team i have the same points as a member thats 350 higher in his defence team…

My team points is also higher than 3 or 4 others with higher defence teams…

From what ive seen of them play and the players they talk about the rest of their team sounds awesome it mine… so i don’t get it

Oh my!

As @Kerridoc stated in the link above…

  • 500 pts are divided evenly amongst all war allies. So in a 20v20 war each team is worth more points than say in a 30v30 war.

  • Then, 1000 pts are divided pro rata by HP as modified by troops.

My guess is @ToeCutter, you are using Crit troops which add more HP, so your team is worth more points. Your team mates are probably using mana troops :thinking:. Perhaps you can screen shot your war defense?!

Its NOT based on TP :sweat:.

Edit - check also the HP of your heros. Chances are this is also higher than your team mates too.


Ok… see pictures

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From what I can see, your team has:

1752+1616+1526+1526+1462=7882 HP

Your teammate’s team has:

1485+1527+1584+1551+1725=7872 HP

Since they are very similar (off by only 10 HP), it makes sense that the number of points both teams are the same.


I was just about to type the same message, thanks @IgH you beat me to it.

I hope that makes a bit more sense to you @ToeCutter :thinking:. I’m not saying that it’s fair - that’s how war points are allocated.


Yes, i can see that the health is about the same as far as the Heroes go - but that doesn’t take into account extra health front the Troops even…

He has all 5*… i only have x4

His team power is 350 ish above mine…

I’m not worried too much by it - I’m just trying to make sense of it…

So what you are saying, is that its based on your defence teams overall health? …

Exactly. Only HP, not Team Power or rarity of the heroes, matters. Also, the health bar at the top in this view already factors in the troop bonus.

Got it…

One thing that i have worked on with my Heroes after being levelled up is to go the “Health” route on the talent grid mainly …

Talent grid - health vs defense is another discussion altogether.

Wiser players than I have done the math. GL


You gotta see which hero uses which route the best. Not every hero does the same.

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