Defence team in what order, please opinions and advice

Dear fellow players,

Since we have to be very careful who we choose to ascend looking at AM’'s, emblems, elements etc. etc. I was wondering…what is, looking at my current topheroes, the best defence team?

I have at the moment the following heroes to choose for a decent defence team:
Gravemaker +9
Poseidon +10
Seshat +7
Sabina +18
Lianna +6
Ursena +6
Vela +9
Grazul +7

Working on Jean-Francois (with enough emblems to give him node 7/8 within a few weeks)

And I will try to get Telluria next month, have the mats and enough emblems to bring him at node 8

As a defence team I was thinking of
Poseidon - Vela - Telluria - Gravemaker/Jean-Francois/Grazul??? - Seshat

Good idea? Bad? Which Fire hero? opinions are very welcome, thanks in advance

Vela - Gravemaker - Ursena - Telluria - Poseidon

Seems a good defense to me.


Dang, if you had a 5* healer, it would make this so much easier.

  1. Vela should definitely be in there to represent Ice. Lots of good things to be said about her. Many topics to search from about her.

  2. Gravemaker. Next to the Black Knight of Avalon, GM is probably the best defensive fighter in the game from Fire Element. I see him all over the place in defenses. He’s very versatile.

This may not be popular with many, but Poseidon seems vulnerable to me. Even stacking 2 purple (at least one a sniper) with Attack Boost and Defense Down would take Poseidon out in 2 troop deliveries and one sniper special.

With that said, you need a healer, and if Sabina is your strongest, than, for now she’s it, but guard her. Keep her a wing and protect her against Holy.

  1. Sabina

  2. Ursena because her devastating damage with reflect on Holy would help your only healer. Tank for Ursena.

  3. Lianna. The most powerful sniper in the game. Often flanked between tank and a wing.

So if it were me, I’d line up

Gravemaker - Vela - Ursena - Lianna- Sabina


This would be my vote, if he has Telluria at a level as high as his current Sabina.


Yessss, I totally agree and I was so sad last weekend trying to pull Ariel or Delilah. But hey, got JF :slight_smile:

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Thanks so far, let’s hope for Telluria and I’m working on more emblems for Ursena (also that would have been easier with Ariel so i could give Sabina’s to Ursena :slight_smile:

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Bit help with my defence please.
I run seshat-bk-ursena-ariel-joon.

I have kingston 3.70 and telly 1/1 with just 7 tonics so i can ascend only one of them.

So i shoud ascend kingston and replace joon
Or to ascend telly and play with seshat-bk-telluria-ariel/ursena-joon on my defence.

Other 5* max are lianna frida magni ranvir zimky.

I agree with others that Ursena and Gravemaker are great on defense. So I agree with those below who suggest including them.

I’m in favor of putting weak and strong colors next to each other so the opponent charges one whilst attacking the other. So, given who you have leveled now, I’d say:

Poseidon - Ursena - Gravemaker - Vela - Lianna

If you want a debuffer, you could go (Seshat is often in the flank position, but on defense the RNG fires left-to-right, I’d have her on the left wing):

Seshat - Poseidon - Gravemaker - Vela - Lianna

When you have Telluria leveled up, you could go:

Seshat - Poseidon - Telluria - Grazul - Vela

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