Defence team help needed

Hello everyone,
First time posting here and wanted to ask the more experienced players help regarding defence team.
Just got a liitle lucky and pulled a few good heroes, but i dont really know how to proceed further.
For starters i finally have my darts to level a 5* yellow and i dont know who to level: Joon, Leonidas, Neith, Inari.
Second problem is that Telluria looks great but dont have mats to level her to 4/80 yet, so only 3/70, maybe with luck will be able to max her.
Also i can add that i can reset emblems for example from BT and give them to Kingston.
Any input would be apreciated

A. Give the darts to Joon. He is great sniper :slight_smile:
B. Leave the emblems on BT - the new ones can be deployed to Kingston :slight_smile:
C. Telluria at 3/70 can be helpful during map stages / quest, but when it comes to raiding she might be still to fragile :slight_smile:
D. MOST IMPORTANT: take care of your 4* because this is the base…Rigard and his costume, Wu Kong for titans, Nordri (3*) for elemental def debuffer…boy o boy - keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Hiya, welcome to the forum!

I’ll preface everything with this overarching piece of advice:

Moving back to your specific questions

Of these 4, I would go Joon hands down.

Leo is ok but not great. Inari is a titan specialist and Neith is a “Jill of all trades but master of none”… Like Leo is useful bit not standout.

In terms of defence I may suggest;
Boldtusk | Kingston | Boril | Sartana | Joon

Until Joon is more maxed out, use Leo in the wing instead.

Do you guys think Isarnia is worth maxing out as a blue for the defence team?

Definitely yes - she is worth of maxing…for def team / off team and events :slight_smile: but in your case you will need some tank replacement who will be sturdy enough to survive and let her fire :slight_smile:
On the other hand - I’m forced to use Isarnia on my def team in wars and she can be really punishing when bad board is included :slight_smile: sometimes my def can survive 2 or 3 hits before wipeout…
Eventually - the def team really matters at wars but considering raiding - as long as you open your chest in diamond you are fine :wink:

So seeing all the heroes i have, what would be the best defence team, assuming i get to max out all 4 and 5 needed? Meaning… do i have place for Telluria, Isarnia?

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