Defence team change, Mid-way into Wars & Tournaments

I feel that mid way into “Wars & Tournaments “ one change of the defence team could be tried out = Allowed, so as to add a bit of involvement / excitement to at times a dead show… when defence is getting hammered.

This will make the play creative, interesting, otherwise
the 2nd half becomes a chore or is left out when the defence is hammered…

Similar change was allowed daily for our raid defence formations via Hero Academy

What do you say !?


@Petri : FYI.

In war, how do you handle partial/depleted teams?

For tournament, i can kind of see the appeal. I know if my Defense team was performing (or not as the case may be), I might want to try something else…

If it were to go forward, I would want a strict limit and window imposed on changes.

  • tourney: once per day, not within 6 hours of the previous change
  • war: limited to once in the 3rd quarter.

Only apply the change when the team respawn.

Although, I don’t think many people would use the feature. Many alliances use a unified tank colour and build a team around that. With emblems piled on the best defenders, there aren’t that many better alternatives usually.

@JonahTheBard : Good point.

Individual tournaments might seem more pertinent to try out…

An option worth trying out = involvement & adds to the fun, instead of seeing defence @ E all days :sweat_smile:

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