Defence team advice

Please help me with your thoughts for defence?

Your team 5 should be the best at the moment.
Team 1 can be annoying.
Team 4 should be your weakest.

I STRONGLY disagree. Delilah is an excellent tank - much better than Marjana in my opinion. Having Marjana and Sartana on the flank where they’re practically guaranteed to be protected by at least one of Delilah’s minions is a super effective.

I’d rank team 4 strongest, followed by team 5. Team 1 could be annoying, as airhawk says, but I’m a big fan of the diversified damage that a rainbow defense gives.

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Thanks Jalia. I was trying to decide between 1 and 4 myself

The issue with Delilah in the middle is due to average mana. Most would kill her before her special activates.

The same can be said for guinevere. She is also average mana they would have to triple up on purple to kill delilah before her special goes off.
And that’s why I had 2 Sartana just in case thwy decide to triple purple…

Yes. Guin needs to be triple purple stacked. Not much room for error. However Delilah doesn’t. I can still recover from a bad board with her in the middle.

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I agree. But that’s with at least a double stack… Which if i have double purple you will need to double stack yellow and purple

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Why I said team 5 is the strongest. With Marjana in the middle, a bad board will at least get one of your heroes killed more often than not. Defense is at a disadvantage. So a good defense is one where you can punish a raider with a bad board.

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Agreed about punishing the raider on a bad board - Delilah’s minions make everyone last longer which gives ALL of them a better chance to charge up their specials and wipe out the attacker. With Marj in the middle, you’re likely to get one attacker downed (maybe quicker, maybe not), but then you’ll have a hole for ghosted tiles.

It’s a matter of style, I think. I prefer to have the added delaying tactic from Delilah’s minions. She keeps me well into the 2600 cup range (with a team of Alby, GM, Delilah, Alasie, Panther). I don’t have Marj, but I tried GM at tank for a few days and lost so many cups it was silly.

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I agree i usually stay in the low 2600 on defence with delilah as my tank i tries Marjana tank and dropped down to the high 2400 over night i tried this a few times and same result every time.

I guess all I want to confirm now is double Sartana or rainbow team with Marjana.

P.s. i just got a second alberich and a Wilbur! Any thoughts if they could help make a better defence team?
Alby. Sartana. Marjana. Alby. Alasie.

The worst defense team I ever faced was triple Delilah and double alby. I still have nightmares. That defense would be the only reason I would level gobbler.


So crazy! I never even thought of keeping Delilah
Alby. Sartana. Delilah. Alasie. Alby.
What you think?

on my alt i find that surrounding Delilah with Azlar and Isarnia is quite effective as it’s 2 serious threats and takes some good boards to smoke through all 3 of them.


Agreed. Have Delilah to delay for azlar or isarnia. Too many albis make your defense less effective. 1 is enough.

Would be more fun to have 3 drakes and permablind everyone. :joy:

Have you ever seen alby mana feed alby who is mana feeding 3 Delilah’s? Who are popping out dozens of guardians? It’s just painful to watch.

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That only happens when your raider is having a nightmare of a board. I play the hard hitting fast mana style. So I doubt I will see that happening. Not to mention not everyone has 3 maxed Delilah’s and 2 Abli’s.

If I see 3 Delilah’s, I should kill myself if I don’t stack purple. :yum:

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After second alby is maxed. I Could just get rid of Delilah and run this for a try what do you think?


If you have 2 albis, I would put 1 at tank.

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Thanks that’s probably a good call the one with of 19 health troop. I just get nervous having a tank as one of my double colors…i know he is considered an “A” tank but he is also slow mana do you think he would get off one special cause that’s all i would really need…

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