Defence team advice and who to ascend

Hi all, I’m looking for advice on my defence team and who to ascend to level 4. I’ve been away from the game for a while and just getting back into it.

Current defence team is Isarnia, Boldtusk, Aegir, Seashat, Lianna

I split Isarnia and Aegir with the double blue. I recently pulled Rafaelle who I see in a lot of teams and I also like Sif and Clarissa. Any advice appreciated.

I’m also interested in whether I should ascend Magni or Rafelle for blue and also another Marjana or Zagrog for red - have other 5* but don’t seem to be worth it.

I’ve also Anton who I’m starting to level - seems like a useful hero

You already have one Marjana and she is without costume, do Zagrog.

Magni is good but Raffaele can serve you better, expecially on rush battles.

Anton is very strong, you should level him as early as you can.

For defense I suggest you to use
Anton - Seshat - Sif - Isarnia - Marjana

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Try this formation, normal position V.
Seshat - Bai Yeong - Aegir - Marjana - Lianna

Seshat left-wing for dispell 1st, only tank is avarage and the rest are fast which is good, Marjana is rogue can be annoying with her dodge chance.

Magni is good fast sniper, Raffael still can be functional at 3.70 for Rush rule in War and Tournament.
I like variation, and Zagrog is decent red heroes, 2nd Marjana if costumed.
Anton is great heroes, specially on offense, good 44% chance revive allies on 40% HP.

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Thanks, great advice

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