-defence question

If I use 2 different hero’s at the same time on same enemy, mine inflict -defence of different percentages on the enemy…do they stack eg -20 and -30 = -50 defence? And again if I use them on the same enemy but at different times but within the -defence time what happens…eg 1 hit with -20% for 5 turns…another hit by different hero with -30% after 2 turns what happens

The second effect overwrites the first.

So, if you fire Wilbur then Gormek, Wilbur will knock down defence on all 5 enemies, then the three hit by Gormek will only be affected by the second special.

Some effects do stack, but they should have different icons. For instance, Wu Kong has an attack increase with a dice icon, Boldtusk and Kiril have a sword icon.

If you fire Wu, Boldtusk and Kiril, the dice icon will remain, but Kiril’s attack buff will overwrite Boldtusk’s.

Occasionally stacking can be capped, Tarlack’s attack increase will stack with others, but only to a maximum stated on his card.

Similarly, blind, poison and fire don’t stack on the same icon. If you blind one with Joon, then all with Justice, only justice’s shorter duration will be in effect.

However poison Damage over Time (DOT) will stack with fire DOT as the icons are different.

Here’s an example:

Kiril’s defence buff has overwritten Wilburs defence buff because the icons are the same

Wu’s attack buff has stacked with Kiril’s attack buff because the icons are different.

Evelyn’s elemental defence down has stacked with Wilbur’s defence down

But Wilbur’s defence down has overwritten Grimm’s defence down



In case that was a TL;DR situation… :wink:

If you attack first with -30% Defense, then second with -20% Defense, the enemy will have -20% Defense on them.

So in a case where both are charged at the same time, you’ll want to hit first with the -20% Defense special, then hit with the -30% Defense. Then the bigger debuff will persist for your tile damage and other special attacks for a while. :slight_smile:

Good gaming!


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