Defence or Health for Talents

I suspect many of us ponder which tree node to follow. For my money there is two definitive outcomes. Attack or defence orientated, but in some cases choices will have to be made between Def & HP. This thread assume:

Defence = how much damage a hero takes from attacks
Health = how much damage a hero can take before dying

  • Which is of more value more? Def or HP

  • In sport defence wins matches, so I lean towards maximising as much Def & HP. That said, attack trade-off might be to high to ignore in some cases.

If there was an obvious advantage the answer will be easy, so to illustrate the point I attached stats for Queen of Hearts as Paladin class is not as clear cut as Wizard for example.

Some heroes have obvious areas of deficiencies. Magni low on Def, Isarnia low on HP. This thread is to try assist each other in making choices, so please try avoid clichés like: depends on your roster, troops, what you want to achieve, etc. That said, Queen & Onatel are good examples of defensive heroes that can be deadly on offence, so cases can be made to rather lean to a balance between Att + Def or Att + HP as troops can be switched based on circumstance.

Side note: Queen will be my tank for the foreseeable future, do you agree with my assessment regarding defence or would you compromise by assigning a crit or mana troop to make up what you would give up?
My plan for her is simple as her job will be to keep my team alive against 12*+ Titans as well
Delay the attack = max HP+ crit troop?
Is there a case for going Att + mana troop as I will choose the mana node when the time comes

I tend to make the current strengths of the hero even stronger. Basically make them extreme in one direction.


My way of using talent greed is really simple and i don’t have any doubts on how to use it: i want extreme heroes, not balanced.

So all the heroes that are extremely tanky and good for central role in a defence (say Justice, Thorne, Ares, Guinevre, Horghall, Queen, Boss, Kunchen and so on) i will go with every nod with a shield.

In all other cases (especially on heroes with really high attack value) i will go for the sword.

Easy. Useless to think too much on it.
There will be cases my choice would be right and other where it would be wrong.


• Which is of more value more? Def or HP

In a January thread some people pointed out that 1 Defense Point is the near equivalent of 2 Health Points. However it was also speculated that the 1 Def point will be more helpful than the 2 health points for typical heroes

Its This Thread Here

so please try avoid clichés like: depends on your roster, troops, what you want to achieve, etc.

Do I have to?:sweat_smile:

Okay, I promise I’ll attempt to avoid the generic advice :grin:

If I have to pick which is better overall, then I defense. In most cases I bet I’d pick it over health. I think it would help my team survive in the arenas :stadium: a bit better.
Another benefit I brought up before is that if the hero you that if you increase defense before increasing health, you don’t make the hero a liability in your war defense team.

I do have exceptions to this though.

An exception would be a few of the healers. Specifically the ones who heal by a designated % instead of generating a static number of HP over turns. If we increase their max health they’ll heal even more points. Its trickier with heroes like Kiril and Vivica who buff def and health.

If you reguarly like to bring a hero to fight a tank/flank with a high DOT (ex. gravemaker) health would be a better choice since DOT bypasses defense.

.You did point out that some heroes have obvious area’s of deficiencies, and I do think I’d be more inclined to “fix” those to make them more versatile instead of OP-ing their strong area. But I’m not 100% sure I’d always aim to fix that, like in the case of the Third exception.— I don’t have Elena but if I did I would try to max her health as high as possible not her defense. Sure, her low defense is her obvious deficiency but the benefit of this, especially against Titans, is that her counterattack/riposte does far more damage if she has low defense.

Also best way to take out tanks by far is with Tile damage so we can’t sneeze at attack increase

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I hear you, but this is exactly why I created this post. It isn’t as straight forward if you plan to compete at the top. It will be awesome to have Isarnia at max attack but a 13* Titan will kill her just by looking at her, so you loose her most valuable asset, her def down, not her new (albeit amazing) attack stat. This is just a simple example, Frida will solve that, but one cannot have every hero, nor can most of us level all of them, so balance imho becomes of utter importance. (I have 6 blue that need scopes, Ariel will get the next set, then Alice or Frida is next in line & by that time they would’ve rolled out another)

As items can help you survive on titans, i don’t bother to have more fragile heroes.
And considering that a good raider can kill your team with a mediocre board, i bet on a single devastating special from a bad board.

I don’t say obviously i’m 100% correct, but that things can be seen that way even on top of the leaderboard.

Excellent answer. x30 Likes!!!

Ps. You may :rofl: I broke my own request in my OP by mentioning troops in side note.Needles to say, it is almost certainly unavoidable, I was just trying to keep it to a minimum :+1:t2:

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Agreed, problem is, we keep running out of items & materials fighting these high level titans. Something’s gotta give. If the alchemy lab will allow crafting dragon bones & nuggets I will wholeheartedly agree. Come to think of it, I hope they introduce a reset button for ascended heroes. I will gladly revert Magni to ascend Frida & Ariel

True, materials are always a problem.

Then ideally we must know exactly for every titan the damage output for slash attacks, and boost defence/health to make the hero resist at least 1 or two hits without any cure.
Anymore then that is not really useful.

Of course that’s more easy to say that to do :grin:

I like your perspective. I would love you input in what you would pick as first and second priority on for heroes like Marjana and Sartana (Defense Superior to Attack, but their main appeal is their snipe damage)

I don’t consider fast single target snipers a good choice for tank role right now, even if both are enough tanky to do so.

So i would go for attack on both, especially Marjana that is in rogue class (can avoid damage) and can be paired with Wilbur for some crazy damage on all.

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