Defence Not getting hit Raids ... again

I had this issue for the first 4-5 raid-tourneys but it seemed to resolve… now nearing 18 hrs of day 1… it appears the issue may be back…

You must have a team that scares the bejeebers out of everyone!


At least you get Grade C out of the deal. I was attacked ONCE, and lost. It’d be nice if it could’ve thrown a handful at my defense so I’d at least know if it was a fluke or not. :wink:

EDIT: And here’s my defense team, in case anyone wants to determine whether certain defense team power levels get attacked more or less, or whatever. /shrug/ I thought with Kunchen in the middle, and the mana control of Proteus and Hansel, that might be helpful to counteract the Very Fast specials of attacking enemies. But who knows, since I’ve only been attacked once.

I’d encourage submitting a support ticket. I sure hope this is viewed as a bug.

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