Defence based on purple tank?

Hey all,

My 3* and 4* army is almost done, maybe just fine tuning in the future, and it’s time to move the focus to main and war defence team. My alliance is running purple tanks, and it is the major guideline/constraint.

So far, I was running mostly Clarrisa+5, and with available heros, it could look lile this once they are all maxed:

However, the future problem are paladin emblems. So, how about this instead:

I have Marjana at 4-80, but I could start saving emblems for Khiona if she’s a viable solution. Have in mind that in my main defence I might choose Heimdall to be the tank. Could Khiona be a flank?

Atm, I don’t have much better options, here’s preview of my legendary heros not shown in pictures:

Marjana 4-80, Malosi 4-80, cHorghall 4-80, Elena 4-60, unleveled: Isarnia, Zocc*3, Tarlak, Ratatoskr, Fenrir, Heimdall, Horghall, Elkanen, Bai Yeong, Noor, Gravemaker, Vivica, Quintus, Elena.

So, I guess the main question - is Khiona a solid long term solution given my roster, as a war tank and flank/tank in main defence?

PS. I have darts for the rabbit (11 totally) and 6 tabards for Khiona.

I wouldn’t prioritize defence for emblems - pick the heroes you’ll find most useful in attack, then pick the best defence available to you (it may or may not be your heaviest emblemed team).

Khiona is a really useful hero - she’s worth having emblems on (moreso than Marj IMHO) and she does decent on defence too (IMHO slightly better at flank but plenty of people use her tank too)


Thanks, I don’t see her very often (I guess it’s not all her fault) but couple of times she messed with me heavily. So I guess she can be very useful. In offence too, I don’t have those purple heavy hitters, so I believe she can turn my c.Tiburtus almost into real Isarnia quite easily.

Regarding emblems, it will be a slow process - I don’t plan to strip down my 4* (16 of them with 11 nodes) soon to be 18. But I’d like to see a handful of rainbow 5* heros who would somehow be a priority (like Gravemaker or Heimdall atm). But not exclusively.

Bottom line, I read your comment as: go with Khiona as long as smth much better appears, and then reconsider further embleming? :thinking::joy:

I think it’s probably partly because she’s an older HOTM at this point - older HOTM’s are less common than recent ones.

Yep, pretty much :slight_smile:

If you land Alice, for example, you’d reconsider immediately…

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Understood. :muscle:

Thanks, I was leaning to the same conclusion, but then decided to put it out for a debate. Because, why not? :joy:

Alice, like most of other snipers just didn’t want to come. I’ve got pretty much 5* heros in these 8 months, but Marjana is the only real sniper I have. Fenrir is that, occasionally.

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Khiona is fine, but I like Clarissa at tank more for a couple of reasons. She punishes a yellow stack, which is exactly what you want. Having both GM and Clarissa to deal with, both in terms of very fast DOT coming out and the penalties they impose for stacking green and yellow, is much more challenging than Khiona’s damage and buff.

While I think Rogue is generally a better class than Paladin, the tank spot is the exception to that since tanks take more of their damage from tiles than specials, so the general defense up is stronger than the dodge.

I’d also suggest swapping WR to the left flank. What minor color protection you use is made up for in potentially getting the D down out before other damage dealers fire.


But what about emblem competition between Clarissa and Heimdall? I was thinking to bring her to +6, because I use her in offence a lot. But then to switch to Heimdall… Khiona on the other hand has no real competition - I gave Jackal and Kelile +11, so she’s next in line. Anyhow, I can try both interchangeably for a while and see how it goes.
I’m leveling the rabbit first (more darts), so plenty of time to test it. Will see if Clarissa is superior with less emblems. :man_shrugging:t2: The reason why I asked now was indeed to check if I should start keeping rogues emblems, instead of giving few to Marjana.

PS. Agreed on WR, definitely left flank. :+1:

I’ve used WR left wing and left flank with no appreciable difference - great hero!

There’s nothing wrong with splitting emblems as such… If you’re seeing attacking benefits then go for it!

Definitely give rogue emblems to Khiona over Marj - all day long!

Khiona + Wilbur and two high damage heroes either side of Khiona (preferably hit 5 or even hit 3, it’ll be overkill damage on snipers) will set you up nicely for big damage :slight_smile:

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Optimally you’re don’t want to split emblems on D, for sure, but the first order of business is using the best heroes for the job. Since purple tanks are so few and far between I’m still somewhat unsure of how Clarissa stacks up, but I suspect she is the second best option out there and well ahead of Khiona. In this case I think the gap between them is big enough to make it worth splitting emblems.


But is D the priority?
If it is, it shouldn’t be - yet!

The focus should be on a good set of offensive heroes - D comes later… For now, maximising attacking potential and putting together the best defence available from there is the wisest move.

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That’s a fair question and I think both approaches are reasonable based on individual priorities and where one is in the game. At a certain point I think war D should be the number one emblem priority, but that’s not the one right way to play.

As far as this particular emblem conflict, however, I also happen to value embleming Clarissa over Heimdal. Her base damage is really underwhelming to me and she really needs the scaling she get from additional emblems. Heimdall just gets even tankier, which is nice since he’s slow mana, but he is pretty stout to start with. Clarissa will

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Well, I guess I have a perfect people to talk about this in you 2. Because I’m a little bit of both world. In these 8 months in the game I really didn’t care that much about defence. I mean, look at my roster:

Add there a solid 3* base, some with emblems, bit it’s not relevant for this conversation. My motivation so far was to build 6 war teams as soon as possible. When I choose who to ascend, it is really still the key idea how that hero will fit in my attacking teams. But again, I think I’m ready to add that new dimension - what’s the defensive potential of the hero? Anyhow, I really like both approaches, keep going. And thank you! :heart::joy:

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I like this one… Will try to get those best heros to 5-6 tallents and play a bit with that… Including experiments with defence. Over time it will be more clear what exactly should be the next step.

Sure, I can’t disagree that there comes a time where it should be…

But I feel that relatively early days of 5* benches (let’s say below about 20?) the priority should be to get the most out of the heroes you’ve got in an attacking sense - for me, this means both which ones you choose to max and in where emblem priorities lie.

Once we’re talking about deeper 5* benches (again, let’s say 20+ for the sake or argument) then you’ve probably got the depth to use a variety of heroes ideally suited to your attacking needs and at that point starting to think about building a longer term defensive strategy starts to make sense.

Even if you’re “the weakling” in a strong alliance, your failure to score in wars is going to let the team down more than your failure to cost opposition multiple flags.


As it happens, I completely agree with you about focusing on on Clarissa for emblems, here…

Heimdall is undeniably the better tank, but he’ll do his job offensively without those emblems and whilst he’s not quite Alby/MN in the resurrectionist wing stakes, he doesn’t really need them there either - even at flank he’ll do a job without!

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Interesting observation. My thought process started after last war… I’m regularly one of the top 3-5 attackers… But, my defence was 1-shot defeated every time. I felt small and that I should do more about it. :see_no_evil:

It happens… If it’s their top guys picking you out then that’s kinda to be expected (after all, you’re oneshotting them too, right?).

What defence were you running?

Out of what you’ve shown… Either Heimdall or Clarissa is your tank - what is the rest of your alliance doing?
If there’s lots of green then even without emblems you might want to try Heimdall there, if there’s lots of purple then put Clarissa there… Both can sit either tank or flank, I don’t particularly rate Heimdall at wing in raids, but in a healing war he could be annoying there (at least for cleanups… But that’s if you’re not getting oneshotted)

Fenrir is definitely right wing - he’s a finisher rather than a sniper.

GM honestly can go anywhere but he’s most effective in the middle 3 somewhere.

Malosi’s status block needs to fire early to have any effect at all, but it needs to hit the right target and his damage is pathetic… although you’ll remember the times he messes you up, he’s just not reliable.
White Rabbit will be a huge upgrade defensively as well as being a great all round attacking hero (and useful to your titan team!) once he’s ready!

For now… I presume you’d be running:
Heimdall - Malosi/Mist - Clarissa - GM - Fenrir for most wars?

I’m going to propose a slightly left-field suggestion… It shouldn’t prompt any change in the emblem plan, though.

Marj - Heimdall - Clarissa - GM - Fenrir.

Marj will do more for you at wing than Malosi would, Heimdall’s beefiness and healing is useful at flank where he’ll fire more often (especially if your center isn’t hardcore enough to buy him time to fire at wing) and the other three almost pick themselves there.

If it prompts an attacker to try blues instead of yellows, Heimdall’s position should screen Marj, and they’ll need a better board to get through Clarissa to get at GM…
If they stack yellows for Clarissa, then it won’t create a new weakness to run two reds…
Me? I’d run reds at it and try my luck, but I’ve got the depth in my bench to make that work for me - not every attacker will.

Good boards will see it dropped without too much trouble, but bad boards or thoughtless team selections won’t find life so easy.


This was my defence. :see_no_evil:

But you’re right, I was attacked by the top players, and the sample is just too small to draw hard conclusions.

I usually play a lot with my war defence, trying to exploit the rules the best I can.

Ex. put more healers for wars with arrows. It worked quite well with Heimdall-GM-Clarissa-c.Kashrek-Fenrir. The idea is to give more survivability, and let the “invisible 6th player” soften them a bit.

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TBH I don’t typically change much for different rules… Healers in the corner for healing rules can be difficult to clean up if they’re left standing, but that’s if you’re taking 2-3 hits to clear and you’re in low level wars where people are using 3* or unmaxed heroes to cleanup… otherwise I’d just build a strong defence, and in my position I do.

I would see a healing heavy defence like that as too passive - it’s not going to do enough damage to knock me over as long as I cleanse or heal out that DoT.

That might happen with some of these 2 options I’m considering, once they are done… So far, I felt like I needed to take any advantage I may have. Tbh, I don’t have many heros with devastating power, that can truly punish the bad board, and I welcomed everything that can make the life of the attacker more complicated. :see_no_evil:

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