Defence and attack team

Hello everyone I’m a little bit lost I don’t know how to continue I need to put together the strongest possible defence team and the best attack team !!

This is my complete roster who do I level up who would you use for attack and or defence !!!

Strongest team power possible

is there even a decent platinum team in there ???:slightly_frowning_face:

I would put Horgall as tank instead of Aegir and your lineup would work. As for offence there is no “best” offensive team. You need to mix and match based on what your fighting.

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I’d like Jackal, Triton, Horg, Rigard, Natalya…with proper leveling.

First you need some maxed 4* if you haven’t 4 AM for your 5*
Sabina->Ameonna(maybe you get Tiburtus), I like Cyprian so you can ascend him in future too.
Sartana is very good 5* when you get all mats, ascend her
Jackal and Gretel were very good heroes, after them wait for Wu-kong or start Li-Xiu
Caedmon->Buddy->Melendor (or Kashrek for tank he is really goo here)
I don’t like Horg and Kadillen, if you really want ascend one of them I prefer Horghall
Boldtusk and Wilbur, ascend them fast as you can, next take Zim and Nat to 3^70 or max them if you have mats (Zim first)
You have the same situation with your 5* like with green ones, Thorn is better in defence than Aegir (people saying he is good in offense but I dont know that)
I like @ItsaDragon team idea

My best attack as it sits I’ve been having much success

But defence pffff I get up to 2000 trophies and next morning back to 1800 just can’t get over that 2100 mark and stay there !!! Need better defence !!!

And yes danzaburro as tank he’s tough actually right now takes a lot more beating than horg

I just received mats for ascending sartana and zimkitha !!!:upside_down_face:

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There’s too much variation in the game for their to be such thing as a best offense team.

Your best offense team for fighting an ice tank wont be the best team for fighting a fire tank. In fact your best team for fighting an ice tank with two fire flanks may not be the best you could bring against an ice tank with one fire flank and one nature flank.
Your best team for fighting a nature tank not be the same as the best team for fighting a nature titan etc.

Play style also comes into play aswell. Do you like using 2-1-1-1 more than 2-2-1 teams? Do you like using 3-2 teams more than 3-1-1 teams?
Do you feel comfortable using 4-1 and mono teams for the heavy tile damage or does the high potential for bad boards make it not worth it to you?

Only way I think there can be a “best” offense team is if you use rainbow teams 100% of the time. (province running, all raids, all 6 war flags, titans, all quests, all events) But even then it will still vary sometiems. (Example: Lets say you usally use a Dark Healer. If you’re going up against a team with Richard in tank position, Aeron or Rigard would be ideal to avoid/remove Richard’s debuff. However if you are battling against Elena in tank position — Id recommend Sabina instead to dispell Elena’s counterattack w/o hitting anyone)

Sorry if this doesnt help very much. I would recommend focusing on leveling select heroes for awhile since you have so many unleveled ones.

It’s frustrating these dam raids win against strong opponents and loose against weaker ones that seem like a sure easy win back down to 1803 screw the trophies to think I was at 2024 18hours ago grrrrrrr

It’s frustrating, these dam raids. Win against strong opponents, and lose against weaker ones that seem like a sure easy win. Back down to 1803, screw the trophies, to think I was at 2024 18hours ago. grrrrrrr

It’s actually very normal to often win against opponents considered “stronger” by team power and lose against opponents deemed “weaker” by team power. The team power matters much less than the synergy of the heroes, what the heroes special skills do, and how the board is played. It matters even less when you take into account 4* heroes leveled at higher levels and have higher stats can still have lower assigned “hero power”.

Dont get too fustrated with keeping trophies, as long as you remain the same arena there’s no major con to losing them. It is actually easier to fill up your hero chest when your trophy count is lower than usual, so keep that silver lining in mind

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