Defeating titans with mercs and/or guest hitters

Hello all , i have an issue about defeating titans. In my opinion, if you are a top 100 rankend alliance, your Titans should be defeated by the 30 members of your alliance.

I have some suggestions :

  • Titans have to be defeated by a maximum of 30 players , if more players come in to attack the Titan the alliance should get the loot but no points for the ranking list.
  • Players that join your alliance will not be able to attack the Titan present at that moment , but will have to wait for the next one coming.

I believe that one of these suggestions will make the game more fair and will show the real strong alliances in the ranking list.

Im afraid you are treading a path thats been well and truly trodden in this forum. The system which runs now places a 12hr cooldown on the mercs titan wanted chest. It was a compromise that was made quite a while back now. It isnt broken so doesnt need fixing.
Have you not considered the alliances that have tried to recruit but cannot get up to 30 members?

Should it just be a case of tough luck and let them fail to defeat titans?

I think the system works fine the way it is set up at the moment.


Unicorn merc work for helping people and not for the loot :unicorn:


“Titan Loot” is an oxymoron.


What I am trying to say is that I find it unfair that a top 100 ranked alliance with a high level Titan brings in a lot of players to help them defeat their Titan. If you wanna play like that ok , but than you should not be rewarded with points for defeating the Titan and climb up in the top 100 ranking list.

I am part of a few line groups for mercs. Im not sure ive seen many top 100 alliances asking for help.

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WoW, i’m sharing my thoughts about something in the game and you make it a political question…


If someone is generous enough to help create Titan loot, then by all means they should be able to receive their share of said loot. That’s my opinion anyway, so I like the current setup. We’ve never used mercs in our Alliance but who knows, maybe we’ll feel the need to ask for the help some day.


Our alliance doesn’t call in mercs…if we can’t beat titan then it gets away. I think there are groups that become merc dependent which I have seen mercs tell groups like that to let titans go and drop to a level their alliance can handle themselves. I doubt seriously top 100 alliances are calling in mercs and inflating their scores.

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There is a long history in this game dealing with Mercs. Very few view them as hyenas, descending on kills they don’t deserve. Many more view then as heroes who swoop in and save the day at the last minute.

Most top 100 alliances have their 30 players. I have only seen ONE such group EVER ask for help, and it was a lark to see if they could wrest the #1 spot from 7DD. Typically those asking for help are far far below the top 100.

I’m not sure why you think it is unfair for such groups to seek help, or not right for Mercs to provide it.

I’m not being snarky, I’m genuinely curious.

EDIT: For the sake of honesty, my alliance has hosted Mercs when we have openings. I do not recall going and asking for Mercs per se, but I have no issue with Mercing.


Hi Rook . I don’t think it’s unfair for lower alliances to call in help from mercs , don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against mercs. In my alliance we don’t use mercs , we defeat titans by ourself or they escape.
But I think when you are a top 100 alliance you should defeat your titans yourself without help from outside . Than everyone is equal and the strongest is on top.
Maybe I’m just to competitive. Sorry if I caused confusion or hurt someone’s feelings.

We run our alliances the same way. I guess I just don’t understand what the complaint is.

I believe Mercs should get paid for the work that they do (though I acknowledge plenty of generous Mercs who hit and run).

I think you are erroneously assuming a steady stream of Mercs hit-and-running certain as yet to be named top 100 groups.

I don’t think this is happening. :wink:

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I think the issue is the assumption that Mercs exponentially increase your total score.

Again, I don’t think this is the case.

(And we can all disagree here without becoming discourteous. :wink: )

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@Zip, I believe you are misinformed about the top 100 bringing in Merc’s. Have you seen the 7DD video about Titan killing? In 7 months of play and hanging in Global I have never witnessed a top 100 alliance asking for a Merc.

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It came to my attention that it had happened , that’s why I made this post in general discussion. Maybe it was just an incident . Thank you all for your comments.

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Correct - the alliance ranking points you get from killing a titan have nothing to do with how many ppl it it, only that it dies. A titan only has the hp it has, whether 20 ppl kill it or 35.

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I edited the subject a little bit , maybe now it’s more clear what I’m trying to say

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Can someone please explain humor to Zip. I do not worry about the top players in any regards. I do not spend money on the game nor do 90% of the players in my alliance and those that do only spend a fraction of what the elite players do to assemble the juggernaut line ups they have. You base your question on competitiveness, there is no competing with those willing to spend hundreds to thousands on the game. I understand that SG created the game to make money and more power to them. Our alliance has a score of around 65k. I don’t know where we rank nor do I care. I play because I enjoy the game and interacting with other players.


I wouldn’t want any change to the mercing rules before seeing the mercing rules for the alliance wars.


Where can I find the Merc groups on Line?

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